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TUDOR x All Blacks: Breath Alight

Hā – Breath. Kā – Alight. HA KA – Breath Alight. Words of fire to summon from within the warrior spirit of Tumatauenga. Te Rauparaha was a great chief
of Ngati Toa Rangatira. He composed the haka Ka Mate Ka Mate. One time, he was hidden inside a pit
while running away from the enemy. A woman sat upon the entrance
in order to conceal his whereabouts. On the arrival of the enemy, twice they approached the pit,
and the second time they left. The wife is referred to as the hairy man,
who made the sun shine again. I step up, I step upwards,
the sun shines again. From this event,
the haka was created. It’s an honour to receive the haka. Even though it’s a very ferocious,
I suppose it’s the way you deliver it, you’re honouring those opponents
that you’re coming up against. So, we as a Maori people are very worried
that we’re losing our language, we’re losing our tikong. But at schools such as this one here,
they are very strong. And we hope that it goes into the future. So, here again,
the haka will take us forward. The haka you have taken
as the All Blacks to the world. Every time you get up and do the haka,
no matter where, you represent the god of war. And so, as you stand,
you also represent your people. You, as the warrior,
are the shelter of our people. What the haka means to me
is, like, real unique. You know? As a Maori,
kind being surrounded by that, and that is what separates us
from the world. And it’s, yeah, a pretty cool feeling
to know that. I was watching the All Blacks do it
from a young age. You wouldn’t really know exactly
the words or the actions, but we enjoyed doing it. And I never thought I’d be able to do it
with the understanding I have now. It really ties you in and connects you with the people
you’re performing the haka with. And also, the people
that have been there before. I always think of my family
while I’m doing the haka. Trying to make them proud
and our country proud. I feel a connection with our team
when we haka, but I also feel connection with the land. Haka helped me
become the man that I am today. It’s something that I, yeah,
I am proud of. We are proud
to have brought to you an insight
into the history of Haka, made possible thanks to
the extensive knowledge of Wetini Mitai-Ngatai
expert of the Maori culture, to the warm welcome of the Hoani Waititi community
and to the enthusiasm
of Kelston High School rugby team. BORN TO DARE

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