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TY Dolla $ign Accused Of Trying To Get Blind Woman & Her Dog Bumped From Her Airplane Seat – Daily N

Next time, just upgrade your seat, Ty Dolla $ign. The ‘Paranoid’ rapper reportedly didn’t want to sit next to a seeing-eye dog during a flight and tried to get a blind woman moved out of her seat!    Now, before PETA, the ASPCA and Doug The Pug start a petition to cancel Ty Dolla $ign, 33, here’s the story: Ty reportedly boarded an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Ottawa on June 22, according to TMZ, because he was scheduled to perform at the Escapade Music Festival later that night However, there was a blind woman, with a seeing-eye dog, seated behind him, and Ty is supposedly allergic The rapper and the person he was traveling with reportedly approached the woman and tried to get them removed from the plane before takeoff The woman supposedly offered Ty an allergy pill but he declined, because he had to perform in a few hours (and even though those things say they’re “non-drowsy,” they’re not )    Eventually, the staff aboard the Air Canada commuter flight stepped in. They asked Ty if he had contacted the medical assistant desk about the allergy, to which he said he hadn’t The staff noted that the back row of the plane was empty, but Ty reportedly refused to move, saying he had paid for the seat (judging by the video obtained by TMZ, it seems he had plenty of legroom, which is essential when traveling coach ) Ultimately, since Ty didn’t bring his allergies up ahead of time, and because the blind woman had gotten her dog approved way ahead of the flight, she had priority Judging by TMZ’s video, it appears that Ty decided to tough it out during the short flight  On one hand, allegedly attempting to get a blind woman to “removed” from a flight seems cruel On the other hand, animal allergies are no joke and Air Canada, to their credit, tried to accommodate both Ty and the woman The flight attendant, in the video, seemed genuinely concerned with Ty’s well-being, saying that if he was starting to feel uncomfortable, he could move to the back row At least Ty now knows that if he ever sees a dog at the boarding gate, he’ll bring the issue up  Ty spoke EXCLUSIVELY to about one moment during the recording of Sign Language that will stay with him forever  “There was a song I was making with my brother, who’s in prison right now, and while we were on the phone, Wale walked in the room,” he said, before explaining that Wale was one of his brother’s favorite artists and he felt his bro getting “super hype ” “We got like hardest stuff that we love coming through the studio and hopping on our songs and it just felt good That was one of the best times ever in the studio, just knowing that I can make him feel good and that little box he’s in ”

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