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WATERMELON DOG TREAT How to make Frozen DIY Dog Treats | Snacks with the Snow Dogs 34

Guess what we’re doing . .
All three of them are looking! (howling intro) We have one panting dog.
We have two panting dogs. We have three panting dogs. So since it’s
been so warm outside we thought we would make a fun,
frozen, watermelon dog treat. So I hope you guys like watermelon
cuz i’m not really sure. I think youv’e had it before I think Oakley’s had it before. We’ll find out!
Let’s get to it! This is a very easy, simple recipe. so this is really a super super simple
recipe all you need is one cup of either coconut
water or coconut milk. We are using unsweetened
coconut milk You need two cups of pureed, seedless watermelon. if you use a seeded watermelon be sure to
remove all the seeds and then an optional tablespoon of honey You’ll need some icecube trays, and all the stuff we have here and of course, some dogs. I mean unless you want to eat them yourself, and then I am sure you can. Okay the first thing we are going to do is make a giant mess and cut a watermelon in half. It’s gonna get messy! Please keep your eyes, nose, and ears, away from the
table at all times. at least until I am done with the knife. Woah! What is that? Is that amazing?
Is that amazing? This is your half. You want some?
Oakley would you like to try it? now that you have effectively licked the cucumber? ha! The watermelon? okay there’s a lot of different ways you can
do this to get your two cups I have a measuring thing and my actual blennder so I’m just going to scoop it out and put it in the blender
and puree it. I should probably find out if the dogs like watermelon. Well you like watermelon, do you like watermelon? Well you like watermelon! What about you Shelby? How about you Shelby. Shelby’s like Hmmm. She seriously spit it out. You are such a Diva! Do you like watermelon if I dip it in some coconut milk? Here, now it’s dipped in coconut milk, is that better? Nope she spit that out too.
Shelby might not like watermelon treats. We’ll find out when they are all done!
As you are spooning it out you can see it gets kind of juicy and you can literally just pour the
juice in your blender (laugh), so we are going to puree some of this and see how much we have. Maybe. . . We still need more Watermelon Ewwww. Oh my goodness! Bite for you? No that’s for Oakley. Bite for Oakley. Shelby is still sitting here like she wants some, but uh we’ll see. Shelby, you want some? Wanna try it? She spit it out again (laugh) Alright, now your watermelon puree or juice will look something like that. This is an optional step to add a little bit of honey. but I know my girls like honey so we are going to add about that much. And then we are going to add the 1 cup either coconut milk or coconut
water again I’m using unsweetened coconut milk And, mix it together! Probably don’t have to mix it together for very long. now comes the super messy part. I am using silicone ice cube trays you can use silicone ice cube trays, you can use
regular ice cube trays, with the silicone ice cube tays though I would suggest putting it on
something I actually have mind on a cookie sheet. Cause otherwise when you go to pick these up when they’re full they bend and make a huge mess. So, now we are going to try to figure out how pour this without making huge mess pour a little bit in here. Which will make it much more manageable Man, you dogs are so lucky. just pour it into the icecube trays. and try not to make a giant mess. So now these ones have to freeze. I actually about
this much left So I am going to need some more trays.
More icecube trays! and we will freeze some more. So now we have the ice cube trays filled, we are going to put these in the freezer. What do you think Memphis? We are going
To put them in the freezer and as soon as they’re frozen the girls can try them! Well the watermelon dog treats are frozen.
Maybe Shelby will like one Frozen. Let’s see. What do you think Shelby? She took it and she spit it out.
Memphis? Oakley here! Oakley here! Wait you’re not Oakley. Shelby’s eating it! You . . . You didn’t actually eat it, you just licked it. No? So Shelby says no, but apparently Oakley and Memphis say yes. You like them? You like them? They like them.
Want to try one more time Shelby? Oh she ate that one! And she didn’t spit it out!
Okay so maybe she only likes certain shapes that must be the ticket
just certain shapes alright well there you go you guys now you can
make frozen watermelon dog treats for you dog’s something nice to keep them cool in the
summertime while it’s ridiculously hot outside as always. You wanna try one? I was gonna say, are they bad? No Are the dog treats? They’re dog treats, yes, but they don’t have
anything bad in them. can you figure out So the’re for people too Yeah I was gonna say that! Can you figure out
what is in them? watermelon? Watermelon and coconut and honey coconut milk watermelon Yeah I know!
Yes, yes you can eat them to. You can share them with your daddy. *laugh* Shelby finally ate one She’s like maybe I will eat two.
See Shelby, they are good. Nice cool treat! Hey I just gave you one *laugh*
Okay I will share another one with you. mmm licking my fingers my fingers taste
like watermelon to0 *laugh* alright you guys as always there will
be a card section up at the top you can click on to see more of our
other treat videos or there will be links down in the video description below and don’t forget, Shelby socks are still available. Link down in the video description below Thanks for watching,thanks for subscribing!
Stay positive, dream big! And we will see you soon!
Good bye! Outro Music Turn around and roll over snow dog
(roll over snow dog) Sing a song with your sweet voice, I know you’ve been a
good little girl Good Girl Good Girl Come and join us for a new adventure
(come and join the adventure) Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come into or Siberian world! Gone to the Snow Dogs Gone to the Snow Dogs Gone to the Snow Dogs Gone to the Snow Dogs


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