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We Found An Abandoned Puppy

Ken: What do you got there Mary? (Mary: A Puppy!) A puppy? (Mary: Who’s doggie are you?) Yeah! You just showed up on our front porch, huh? Mary: She’s so sweet! Hi!! Ken: Yup, you are definitely a lil stray doggie. (Mary: She has really bad mange. It looks like she might have been in a fight too, she’s got what looks like a bite on her ear.) Yeah…not lookin- not lookin good there, huh? Have pretty-, pretty rough life so far? I was looking out the front door here and then uh, I saw going down our drive, this little puppy dog, and I was like *inhale exhale* and the thought, the thought went through my head of “don’t tell Mary” and then just act like you didn’t see anything, (Mary: But she’s so sweet!) but then I was like, well *sigh* (She needs some love.) She does (Mary: She needs a vet at least.) She needs some help so we’ll uh, we’ll get Mary and then that pretty much is that. That- that ties that up! *laughs* We think she’s got mange. (Mary: Definitely mange.) And Mary is like, you know, rubbin her all over herself. (Mary: I know, I shouldn’t be! *laughs*) So uh, it’s probably not a good idea. (Mary: Look at that little face!) Hello Puppers! Hello Puppers! Mary: If she was healthy, then I would think that she’s some one’s well loved dog, but this awesome behavior- How sweet! Yeah. Well this is kinda of uh the tragedy of living out in the country is that people get sick dogs, or dog they don’t want and then they just show up, (Mary: Just abandon them.) they just show up cuz they get thrown out. So! We don’t know we’re gonna do with you yet but… (Mary: Definitely take you to the vet, that’s for sure.) we’re gonna try to get something done for you,
we’re not just gonna leave you out unless someone shows I’m looking for you then we’ll give you back but we really doubt anybody’s gonna come looking for
you. Huh. Yeah! So, yeah! (Mary: What’s ya name dog?) Ken: *imitating dog voice* “Don’t have one!” Mary: *laughs* “Don’t have one!” Mary: *plays with pupper and makes cute noises* Yeah! But we can’t put you in the
backyard with our dogs though. Mary: I know, I don’t know where we can put her! She’ll make the other ones sick. Ken: Cause you’ll get all our doggies sick. Hmm, what to do. Mary wants some before and after pictures cause apparently, we’re saving the doggy 😀 Mary: We’re gonna save you! We’re gonna save you and we’re gonna make you a healthy dog! Ken: So maybe maybe we’ll get you healthy and then someone will want you, or maybe my mom will want you. *sigh* It’s like Mary got like excited, she’s like “Guess we’re gonna help the dog!” and I’m like “Hmm, what all we gonna have to do? This is a lot of work, ehh!!” *laughs* But that’s okay! I won’t abandon you. So… Mary: She’s got a- a loose tooth! It’s like, wobbly and bleeding and everything. You got a loose tooth? You loosing a puppy tooth? (Mary: It’s like one of her little tiny puppy teeth in her mouth.) You loosin a puppy tooth? Is that why you’re chewing so much? I can’t see nothin! Mary: *starts playing with puppy again* My teeth are sore mommy! So yeah, we don’t know what we’re gonna do. (Mary: My teeth are sore!) Mary: My mouth is sore mommy! Argh! You need some toys. Ken: I don’t know what we’re gonna do. But we’ll get it figured out. Mary: *keeps playing with cute pup* Ken: *shakes bowl* Want some of that? Can you eat that? Mary: It’s not puppy food, but it’s little. You’re hungry huh? Ken: Who’s that dog? Who’s that dog in the tub? You gettin a bath? You gettin a bath? We got the bleach out. Don’t worry that’s
not for you! Yeah That’s not for you! You’re about to have a wild ride. Have you ever had a bath before? (Pup: *looks away*) We’ll this is gonna be a little scary. Mary: All right she did not enjoy the bath. She’s a- *puppy whines* Oh darling, okay let’s get you out. She was very dirty as you can tell from the tub.
Okay, she’s clean! She didn’t enjoy the bath very much. But, she’s looks better. So clean baba! Now people can catch the mange from dogs. It’s not the same you don’t get hair loss, but you do get
like little, itchy blisters all over yourself and I was thinking about that
and I thought to myself “Well you gotta risk it to get the biscuit!” and, uh, that’s
kind of a perfect name for her. Don’t you look just like a little southern biscuit,
huh? I don’t know, maybe we won’t keep the name maybe we will change it to
something else, but for now I’m gonna call you Biscuit little miss! Now I have
to sterilize everything. All right, she has a belly full of food, she’s had water,
she’s done a poop and a wee, and uh I’ve given her some treats! And now, hopefully you’ll just have a bit of a nap in here huh? What do you think? You look a bit tired now. I think it’s time for a nap! *chuckles* She’s so cute! Alright guys, it is the following day. Biscuit slept in
here last night, and I did not hear a single peep from her all night.
She is a very affectionate, friendly little puppy! I feel so bad for her. She’s
obviously so incredibly, incredibly itchy. She’s actually done some further damage
to her ears especially this ear, which I don’t know sure if she’ll really let me show you but
it’s it’s bleeding again because she’s been chewing on it so badly. She’s lost
three baby teeth over the course of the past 12 hours or so. I’ve given her a
bunch of Betty’s old toys that she doesn’t really play with anymore and
then I also gave her one of Betty’s very very old beds which we would have thrown
away like years ago I don’t know why we kept it for so long, but she really likes it!
She’s been sleeping on it so I think that is it for this video. We will keep you guys updated on her condition we’ve got the vet appointment in morning and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a
completely different looking puppy in just a couple of weeks!


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