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We Need To Talk About The “Nazi Pug” Guilty Verdict, New Undercover Videos, and More…

sup you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a fantastic tuesday welcome back to the philip defranco show and let’s just jump into it and the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is a very serious issue and i’m saying that upfront because it involves an individual by the name of count deng kula right if you’re not familiar with this story that we’ve been covering since 2016 might sound ridiculous but for the rest of you you know that count deng kula aka Marcos meacham is at the center of a huge case in the uk around free speech versus hate speech and the reason for this is On april 11 2016 he post a video on youtube titled make your dougs and not see a video he said he thought would only Be viewed by some of? his friends but instead it went viral video starts off with him setting up this premise kevin flynn is always runnin raving about her cute and adorable have we doggers and So i thought i would tournament the least kissing market think of which as a nazi He then has the dog watch a video of hitler you then jokingly shows and acts like he trained the dog to do a nazi S salute to sieg heil didn’t shows the dog getting excited when he says things like gasps the jews and somebody by saying i’m not racist by the way i just really wanted to piss her off in following this video there was a big reaction online but 17 days after he uploaded this video He was arrested allegations against him is that this was a hate crime and since then his trial was consistently postponed throughout 2016-2017 part of 2018 one of the last times was on january 5th everyone at that point thought that this was where it was going To end but at that time prosecutors tried to push for harsher charges i would increase the possible sentence from one year to five years the judge denied that request and So the trial was pushed back to march 20th which of course is today before the verdict came in we had meacham outside the courthouse Speaking to media saying it’s been two years of my life completely put on hold i’ve not been able to get a job there have? been threats against my life threats of anti far-left Radicals they’ve tried to portray me as a racist and a nazi apparently context doesn’t matter anymore they should have realized from a start is realize how ridiculous this entire thing is okay he’s just a shit poster he’s an edgy comedian there are famous comedians who have done much worse than me and you don’t see Them getting arrested the thing which makes it so ridiculous is that this is over a joke i’m a youtuber i made the joke video For a laugh but then people wanted to misrepresent that but in court that seemingly fell on deaf ears when me chan was found guilty? specifically sheriff derrick o’carroll found me guilty under a charge under the communications that find him guilty of sending by quote means of a public electronic me occations network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent obscene or Menacing character giving his verdict of the court oh carol said in my view it is a reasonable conclusion that the video is grossly Offensive the description of the video as humorous is no magic wand this court has taken the freedom of expression into consideration but the right to freedom of expression also comes with responsibility he said he chose quote gasps the jews as it was the most offensive phrase Associated with the nazis that he could think of it was the centerpiece of the joke he said it was so extreme that it added To the comedy then went on to say the metreon quote knew what he was doing adding in his? self-evident that the material is anti-semitic and as far as what his sentence will be we will find out on april 23rd while he waits for his sentencing meechum tweeted court has ordered that i meet with a court social worker for an assessment as to whether or not a restriction of liberty order will Be placed on me this would involve the gps tracking device being attached to me and me being placed under house arrest and my reaction To this is this whole fucking situation is fucking ridiculous our nazi is horrible yes fuck them are people who support nazis horrible yes fuck them but people making a nazi joke That really that’s insane if you watch the video it is very clear the the comedy from it is the Extremism of it the ridiculousness he sets up the premise of this dog is so perfect in endora when my girlfriend loves it so i’m Gonna make it the worst thing ever a nazi the joke is the dog is being subjected To the worst of the worst the irredeemable to me the video and joke is anti-nazi not anti-semitic the fact that meacham was found guilty the fact that he can serve time in jail because he said something grossly offensive is horrid and in the explanation of the decision it sounds like he was found guilty Because the guy didn’t get the joke it’s insane and i think it’s a story that i think is very important that more people hear about it slide to see so many people sharing this story also sharing their disgust from everyday people fellow creators also people like ricky gervais this morning to be the man has been convicted in the uk court of making a joke it was deemed quote grossly offensive if you don’t believe in a person’s right To say things that you might find quote grossly offensive than you don’t believe in freedom of speech and that’s where the story ends for Now, and i want to pass the question off To you because it gave me the story it gave you my opinion and now i want to hear from you what are your thoughts on this you agree with the court’s decision do you disagree why why not let me know in those comments down Below but from that i want to share some stuff i love today and today and austin brought To you by post mate post mates of course fantastic On demand app you want something from the store or restaurant boom open up the app they will deliver it to your home your work you were everly short on time or you just don’t want to Go out
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concerning what the person Wants what they’re trying to do we’ve we’ve opened ourselves up for a message and that’s why we asked him to contact us and gave Him phone numbers to contact us at we also a texas governor greg abbott announcing yesterday that he would be making available two hundred sixty five thousand dollars of emergency funding for the austin police department and texas ranger this money reportedly used to purchase seven portable x-ray systems that are used for bomb detection abbott has also directed the texas department of public safety to provide the austin police department with 100 additional state troopers and officers bomb sniffing dogs Intelligence operatives and helicopters that’s where we are as of right now we really do not know anything Publicly as far as suspect or suspects there are more people in the ground more people investigate alton lee and it’s horrifying To say it in the situation we are going To have to wait to see what happens now and then let’s talk about the updates around the cambridge analytic us story now if you didn’t see what we talked about yesterday i Highly recommend you watch that video first one of the notes we ended on is that channel four even though there was a lot of pushback to not release their expose on cambridge analytics they still did i think it’s important that we try to break down what it appears that we see in this video as well as include cambridge analytic as defense also an important note to understand is that whenever you see an expose undercover footage understand that we don’t have the full footage there may be situations where the context is not fully apparent things that led the Conversation to a certain place we’ve seen examples we’ve talked about examples in the past where people have abused this method i think that’s just an important thing for all of us to remember regardless of what we’re about to watch so in the video we see representatives of ca including chief executive Alexander nix discussing what their company can do an election and in addition to him we also see alex taylor their chief data officer and mark turnbull the managing director videos report late from a four-month investigation Where they posed as a rich sri lankan businessman and his assistant looking to support a candidate a lot of the first meetings are pretty tame they talk about collecting data on people profiling they get insight on people you segment the population and you can target who you want and in the video they say we do this in America africa mexico we’ve done it in malaysia and now we’re moving to brazil taylor adding china turnbull adding australia conversation also involves intelligence gathering we have relationships and partnerships with specialists organizations that do that kind of but do that kind of what you know Who the opposition is you know their secrets? knew their tactics and the second meeting they discuss how they target people to fundamental human drivers When it comes to taking information onboard effectively our hopes and fears and many of those are unspoken and the even unconscious you didn’t know that was a fear until you saw something but just evoked that reaction from you there’s no good fighting an election campaign or the facts because actually it’s all of that emotion in that notion not necessarily a nefarious this is something that we’ve talked about for a very long time perception is reality there be a company or a politician they are always feeding on your hopes and fears so it’s not really anything damning there and they talk about their involvement in kenya specifically around the incumbent Kenyatta what do you have done anything can you if we have rebranded the entire party twice written their manifesto done two rounds of 50,000 so so they would write all the speeches and we’d staged the whole thing So just about every the element of his campaign the third meaning they talk about people who used to work for mi5 mi6 getting dirt on opponent but also turnbull makes this note which is important for something that happens later we are not in the business of Fake news but none of the business of mine making stuff up and went on in the business of entrapment night So we wouldn’t we wouldn’t send them a pretty girl out and seduce a politician and then film them in their bedroom then a phone call with channel 4 calls the fourth meeting involves nick saying this we are not only the largest and most significant political consultancy in the world but, we have the most established track record we used to operating through different vehicles in the shadows and I look forward to building a very long term relationship and that then brings us to the fifth meeting that is the most concerning and has been the most talked about video appears to show members of cambridge analytic talking about entrapment this seemingly contradicting what turnbull said in the third meet the investigators talking about digging for secrets and then turnbull and nick say this deep de is interesting we effective can be just together speak, to the incumbents and offer that move a deal it’s too good to be true and actual advanced video recorded their source of tactics very effective instantly having video evidence of eruptions ready to get on the internet then going on to explain what a person posing as a wealthy developer also they talk about sending girls and when asked if these would be as real on can girls responds what next also then saying to remember that these are hypothetical also then talks about fake ids posing as students to get other information i highly recommend i’m having to cut this down for time if you want, to see the full expose Link, to it down below if you haven’t watched it yet now
since this was released cambridge analytic assured a response and essentially their defense is that they use meetings like this to figure out if prospective clients are looking for any illegal surfaces nyx saying playing along with this line of conversation partly to spare our client from embarrassment we entertained a series of Ludicrous hypothetical scenarios i am aware how this looks but it is simply not, the case i must emphatically state the cambridge analytic ‘it is not condone or engage in entrapment bribes or so-called honeytrap and nor does it use untrue material for any purpose i deeply regret my role in the meeting and i have already apologized to stamp i should have recognized where the prospective client was stating our conversations and ended the relationship sooner nyx’s defense here is an important thing to consider because we have essentially one of three situations one cambridge analytical is as big of a deal as the knicks was saying they’re doing all of these things or two he was just saying a lot of really big things to see if he could land a client or three he was actually trying to figure out if this person was looking for illegal Services the thing is the more that i look into it and i’m not saying this is confirmed but a lot of things are pointing Number two that they’re trying to land a client they’re making these big claims and either just aren’t sure or not effective even new york Times reporter ken vogel yesterday tweeted a secret about cambridge analytic i was and is an overpriced service that delivered little value to the trump campaign and other campaigns and pacs are retained it most of which hired the firm because it was seen as a Prerequisite for receiving money from the mercer’s and the mercer family if you don’t know a family of? high-profile very important republican donors and they actually invested in ca on the note of the term campaign hiring ca it should also be noted that they fired cs cbs reporting the trump campaign never used the Psychographic data at the heart of a complaint from a whistleblower who once worked to help acquire the data is reported Principally because it was relatively new and of suspect quality in value or also reports from 2016 that when cruz had used them they ended up dropping them because ca quote doesn’t have a level of understanding or experience that allows? them
to target american voters the question becomes at cambridge analytic a hyped themselves into an International incident we’ll have to wait and see because there are now multiple investigations i mean yesterday we talked about ca being investigated for their connection of the brexit campaign and actually on that note yesterday facebook said that cambridge analytic i had agreed to undergo a digital forensic audit to show they complied with the original order to delete information in 2015 facebook also saying that cogan the data collector had agreed and wiley the one who spoke out and had a hand in the early Goings on had not responded but when facebook’s auditor arrived at cas uk Office they were requested to call off the audit by the uk? Information commissioner’s office yes because they are currently seeking a warrant audit ca servers and facebook’s involvement could mess it up and additionally the uk Information commissioner is also going to be looking into if facebook could have done more we’re also now seeing mark zuckerberg being called to bring Evidence of this incident to a parliamentary committee a committee is also accusing zuckerberg of giving misleading information when they had previously asked him about Private information being given out in the united states democrats from the house intelligence, committee are asking To speak with christopher wiley the whistleblower you’ve also seen reports the ftc has also opened an investigation Into this incident far as public reaction we’ve seen hashtag delete facebook trending a lot of articles popping up on how to delete your Facebook book stock has also continued to drop actually a last-second update to this story the board for cambridge analytic aje’s now suspended ceo Alexander nicks is reportedly pending a full investigation and also now another update it’s going to be interesting To see if this suspension is connected to a now new video release from channel 4 linked to this one as well down below the house intelligence committee is probably going to be interested in this one x was laughing saying that gop members only asked him three questions saying after five minutes done adding their politicians they’re not technical they don’t understand how it works saying democrats there asked two hours of questions that they were motivated by sour grapes nick’s also bragging about self-destructing emails they send out so there’s no trace about anything they do also when talking about the trump campaign nick said we did all The research all the data all the analytics all the targeting we ran all the digital campaign the television campaign and our data informed all the strategy turnbull also talked about them being behind meme acquisitions and they use these activist groups saying that feed the material and they do the work but either way nick’s is suspended there is an Investigation and we’ll just have to see what happens now so that’s where we are as of right now with this we were either dealing with this this dirty disgusting nefarious company or With, some people that just they said they did a lot more than they actually do now that’s biting them in the ass hopefully through All these investigations we get an answer that said that’s where i’m gonna, end the show i want to pass a question off To you what is your takeaway from this in fact what is your takeaway from any of the stories that meant something to you today Let me know in those comments down below remember if you liked this video you like what i’m trying to do on this channel hit that like button if you knew where hit that subscribe button turn on notifications on that note if you missed the last philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or maybe if you need something a little bit louder you can watch a new us behind the scenes vlog click or tap right there to Watch that lot so that said of course as always my name’s philip defranco you’ve just been phill’d in a love yo faces and i’ll see you tomorrow

  • WTF is evening happening with that first story… AGH. Gotta go jump into some development but leave me your thoughts down below. <3
    Count Dankula Verdict: (00:06), Austin Bombing Update: (5:20), Cambridge Analytica Update: (8:06)

  • The joke offended the Nazi in Scotland. The Clown Persecutor didn't find it funny. And the judge was Xavier of XMen. As it claim to know what the reason behind Darcula joke.

    But the worst Joke is that the same law applies to the whole UK and was made to make the laws similar to the ones in the 4th Reich, sorry EU.

  • So Wait,, If one was to Mention the British treatment of Countless Indigenous Peoples, It being of a Menacing and Offensive nature, One could be arrested? Even though it is a Factual Truth?! XD

  • Context is indeed important. In the UK, freedom of speech does not exist. As in, there is no first amendment, it is not a constitutionally protected right, it's not a thing. Instead, they have freedom of expression, Except when… (and here there are like 30 exceptions, including some truly ridiculous ones like "corruption of public morals", which raises inherent questions as to who defines those "public morals" and how a consistent standard could possibly applied, which basically gives them the right to shut down any and all speech that upsets or affronts anyone in a position of power.

    So, if you think it's ridiculous to imprison a man and take away YEARS of his life because he made a joke someone didn't like, ruining him forever because you thought his joke was in poor taste, well, I would recommend being VERY careful about protecting the first amendment in the United States. Freedom of speech, full stop. No exceptions, no limitations. The moment you seriously consider making "hate speech" illegal, and limiting the freedom of some people to protect the feelings of others, you open yourself to walking down this selfsame road. You immediately move to a standard where speech is free, as long as we don't dislike what you have to say.

    Not only is such a standard immoral and wrong, and harms real people like the man in question under entirely subjective standards, it also is incredibly dangerous, as it makes it potentially illegal to speak out against real wrongs, if the folks in power don't like what you have to say. Silencing its populace allows a government to act with impunity, and I would hope people can see the real danger in that, to much more important and tangible things than people's feelings.

  • It was an anti nazi Joke! to annoy his other half he even said it that being a nazi is the worse thing on the actual video.

    And what about all those religious people who shout out real threats of violence. And nothing happens to them.

  • That has to be one of the most absurd rulings I've seen passed down. A guy made a comedic video, how does that merit house arrest or jail time? I've seen much worse said by stand up comedians (Anthony Jeselnik is a good example) and they're still free to do so. Sad day in the world where you can be arrested for jokes, I thought we got over this with Lenny Bruce and George Carlin back in their day.

  • The can of worms this ruling opens is very dark. The judge should be investigated, bc his ruling puts Jews at risk. An educated man should realise this quickly.
    He is clearly not fit for purpose at best, at worst it should be brought into question why he would make such a ruling.

  • "freedom of expression comes with responsibility" is such a painfully legally illiterate thing for a judge to say

  • It was a joke, a very funny joke, most people that watched the video found it funny 😂 the U.K. has lost its sense of humour because we’re very close to becoming an Islamic state, the Mayor of London is a Muslim, scary stuff

  • Sadiq Khan said terrorism is part and parcel of living in a city.
    I find it grossly offensive.
    Send the police.

  • Phuck PlipI don't get it all this openness has caused us more grief . Please people love is listening to each other not judgement

  • Is anyone going to wake-up? Free speech does not matter when Jews are involved, they are chauvinistic and don't believe you can joke about them because they are supposedly "the chosen people". It's time to finally let that uncomfortable pill slip down your throat, ask yourself if this had been about a different group, say christians, or any other religion would this of happened?

    No, is the truthful answer, hence why it has never happened before, and the first case to win against free-speech was a ridiculous accusation by a Jewish man.

  • Wow this is crazy. I will say that I feel very very very lucky to live in The United States of America where Freedom of Speech doesn't come with regulations.

  • In the UK people are also being fired from their jobs and kicked out of university for things said in PRIVATE conversations.

  • So nobody is being affected by nazis rn, but everybody will be affected by depression and suicide daily. Where tf did Logan Pauls excecution trial go

  • The only Nazis here are the ones who prosecuted this guy. Seriously, true evil. Those are the people who could murder you.

  • How can it be a hate crime if there is no crime? A hate crime is some kind of premeditated crime if it means anything.

  • I'm glad you at least support freedom of speech. Even though I may be offended doesn't mean I have a right to take away your ability to say it. FYI it was funny as hell.

  • Monty Python was doing worse and it was just as funny. The man is not a Nazi. This is why I am not a liberal anymore. The ridiculousness and violence of the left is too much.

  • Thank you Lord baby Jesus that I was in the US. My sense of humor would have gotten me jailed forever.

  • So since when has it been a crime to be offensive? No more comedy you guys cause 1 persons feelings could get hurt

  • Okay, this may be controversial, but I think it was a poor taste joke. I got the joke, kinda funny, but poor taste. He did NOT deserve punishment of any kind though, as he wasn’t trying to upset anyone – except his girlfriend

  • I don't think that Count Dankula's joke was funny, I do think that certain people may have justifiably been offended, I think him serving jail time because of it is completely ridiculous. I also think people stirring up a fervor over "cultural marxists" (which, I'd like to remind people, was an idea the actual 1930s-1940ss Third Reich came up with) is also ridiculous, and claims that "famous comedians have never faced scandal or been given criminal charges because of their jokes" is blatantly false, this has happened many times in both America, the UK, and my native Canada (it has been a long time since anyone has ever came anywhere close to jail time, however).

  • Nazis and everything they represent shouldn't be used in any manner OTHER that as an example of what NOT to do, how NOT to act.

    The fact that he used the Nazi war machine in ANY way other than education is, frankly, disgusting. To me, it's tantamout to using RAPE as a punchline. It isn't funny. NOTHING about it is funny. So it shouldn't be used even in a joking manner.

    He deserves what he gets. Period. He knew what he was doing was stupid and did it anyway. He made the big ass shit sandwich, now he has to eat it. Bon appetit motherfucker.

  • “If you can’t be funny then you’re not free. The jester in the king’s court is the only person who gets to tell the truth. And if the king is such a tyrant that he kills his jester then you know the evil king is in charge. And so when we can’t tolerate our comedians, then there you have it.” -JPeterson

  • WEH WEH WEH WEEEEEEEEHHHHH….. Sorry beta chump, your Nickelodeon, Disney Channel arse is on it's way out.
    Nobody cares what you think of The Dank.

    Go gossip about whether Cardi B is with Offset or not…. Twat.

  • I'm Jewish I still don't think the joke was funny because I have family members deceased from the Holocaust but being sentence to prison for a joke is ridiculous honestly the law system of this world should arrest people who actually break laws not people who make harmless jokes

  • The UK is so desperate for a right wing villain it has to find the next best thing, then craft a narrative that people would swallow.

    All this did was warm everyone how overreaching our government has become. 😔

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