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Alright what’s going on guys faze rug here and today? I’m bringing you guys a brand new video, and I hope you guys are all having a great day as always Bosley’s terrifies me but anyways today’s video is something that you have all been waiting for for months something that I’ve been waiting for for months something my Dad I don’t know if you’ve been waiting for this for a couple hours couple hours ok basically in the old house I made a video saying we are getting a new dog if and if that video broke 500,000 likes we had to get a new dog sadly the video didn’t break 500,000 likes But my mom and I made a promise that when we did move to this brand-new house We are going to be buying a new dog, and I think now it’s finally the time to do it by dad And I actually convinced my mom finally after hours of talking we convinced my mom to get a dog and she’s ok with it So right now my dad and I are actually heading over to the pet store, and we are gonna pick out a dog We don’t even know wife one We’re getting yet, but there’s this pet store that has like many many dogs to choose from and I’m so excited I’ve been wanting a new dog for at least six months before we even moved into this new house I wanted a new dog and no I am NOT betraying Bosley like a Bodley still my number 1 He’s at the top and he will always be at the top no matter How cute this dog is no matter how lovable? He is Bosley will be my number 1, so that’s one thing I’m hoping Bosley will kind of adjust with this dog because Bosley is not too. Good with dogs Hope you guys enjoyed the video Please smash that like button finally guys this video has been Anticipated for so long you guys have all been wanting us to get a new dog and I kid you not on a daily basis I still get tweets and comments saying rug you moved into the new house What are you getting that new dog and that is right now? I hope you guys enjoy the videos love you guys hit that subscribe button to become a rug art today the rug rats greatest fan base on YouTube and Dad let’s go to the pet store Let’s go my dad is rocking his Gucci shoes that I got him and the monster shirt a monster X go chica laughs Oh my god guys Today’s the day we’re bringing a brand-new dog home, and I’m super excited to go choose the right one the right one for me Right one for Bosley one that my mom will like okay like she’s not too excited about it She just doesn’t want a new dog, but we finally convinced her and she’s like okay At least pick a cute one like just pick a cute one if you’re bringing a dog home it has to be at least cute So we have to satisfy my mom’s needs so anyways. I hope you guys are all having a great day Please sit back relax, and enjoy the vlog. It’s gonna be filled with cuteness as if it’s not already come on. Hey guys we are on our way to go pick up a new dog and My dad said do they any dog breeds that don’t shit that I wish because that would be like less stress and less problems But I’m sorry they don’t have any dog things like that and guys I promised a new dog about six months ago, and six months down the road I kept my promise like I keep my promises all right guys We just got to the mall right now dad are you excited we’re gonna bring home a brand new puppy It’s not something small It’s something big like you’re bringing a new life to your house And you have to like take care of it and stuff And I’m fully committed to this so like I have to I’m taking the right dog. Let’s see well You don’t think I’m gonna take care of him. You don’t think I’m gonna take care of the new dog. Oh my gosh What’s up? Hey? Yeah, oh he’s so cute Guys I think there’s an English bulldog the same kind that banks has London. What’s up? I don’t know why I will never get a chihuahua That it looks like he has a beard look shiba inu Chihuahua and Brussels Griffon I don’t know what that is dad keep looking around Oh, I want to first sure play with this one my dad likes that kind right there right to the left the white one Let’s do oh my god. It’s the same one but smaller That’s you guys look at this shit. See this one’s actually really cute My dad really likes this shit sooo I want to make sure I make the right choice, but I really wanted this English bulldog. Oh wait I’ve never seen this kind of dog. They have like a little beard and mustache They’re so ugly. Yeah. They’re really ugly hey. Oh my God look. You could just tell it son so cute He looks like a teddy bear, what’s up, Oh Pete? I put him on the floor What’s up, what’s up? This one? You can’t you just can’t see his face. Oh, not the Gucci shoes, please It’s like a little mop on the floor. What oh Listen you want to play This is a possibility right here, but we’re gonna play with a few more just to be sure whoa buddy He said they don’t bark, what’s up? He has trouble written all over him hey guys This is option number two right here dad. Please pick him up come on come on get him dad He’s already fat He won’t return he wants to turn who wants to turn No look at him hi Come on give me a kiss Give me a kiss it’s okay Bosley doesn’t kiss me either. He already hates me Bosley can we just named him Bosley number two what what baby kiss But the thing is guys Bosley’s not neutered so we get a female dog hmm We might expect it a little third we’re gonna have a lot of Bosley We could have a lot of Aziz running around and that’s what we want to avoid He look like was because he doesn’t have a nose to keep the way he’s staring at me the Camera don’t attack the camera oh My god you’re so ugly ugly, but cute oh You like the butt scratch you like the butt scratch. Hey Hey, chill chill out this one’s a Pekinese. What’s up? Because my finger that’s the woman he’s so hyper coming come here up up up. Oh, No What’s a bitch up to I don’t know that dog dream Okay
So quick little update My dad wants a dog that doesn’t shed that’s understandable plus that eliminates like 90% of the dog breeds because almost every dog sheds Okay guys, so we made our choice on the dog And you’re about to purchase it right now you guys already sought by the thumbnail. I’m happy with it dad. Are you? Yeah, I’m happy. It’s been two hours We’ve been asking him make sure that that we’re gonna buy is gonna be good with pug all our concern is boss. Yeah Bosley like we love you to death so we hope that you get along with this dog really well I was super excited We’re gonna Have a new puppy like this is the most exciting part about getting a dog is like raising him like it’s your child So yeah, and then they say this should do Just too should do is good dog. He doesn’t know how to pronounce it, but he says It’s fine it’s fine right people know what you’re saying right we’re going with this one. He’s coming home with us It’s like a whole new child like you have to think of a name and everything so I want you guys the Rugrats greatest fan base on YouTube maybe Charlie Bosley and Charlie let me know you guys think we should call him. I don’t know there’s a lot of names to go there He is guys. We’re filling out the paperwork, and we are taking him home look at how hyper he is It’s actually not a shit – it’s a teddy bear, so what is that? What what’s the – green tea Shawn free Charlie Duchamp recent mixed with it? Oh, okay, cuz I saw be Shawn on the way now. I thought it was called bitch on Oh be Shawn okay, that makes sense there it is guys. I’m so stoked to take him home. He’s so cute He’s a little teddy bear the cool thing about this dog is that you guys this thing called a teddy bear cub I’ll leave a picture on the screen right now of how it looks And let me know if you guys want me to give the teddy bear cut to this so that’s what they’re meant for they’re called Teddy bears to give them that teddy bear cut but once the groomer comes by we can cut him to look like a teddy bear So if you guys want to see that trouble like on this video It’ll pressure be a future video because he’s going to look like a complete different dog Guys my new dog attracts ladies let’s go we made the right choice if you wanted the females attention I think we made the right choice that oh my gosh guys. It is official. We are taking this little cutie home. I’m actually hi I’m so happy. I can’t wait. Oh my god. I can’t wait to show Mom and Bosley and Bosley before we show Bosley That’s gonna be for tomorrow’s video think about it guys They haven’t been outside of that shop in so long so I can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now. Oh My gosh Oh Welcome to the family. Okay. We’re gonna try to make this car as fast as possible. He’s actually gonna be living in my room He’s my responsibility. He’s my dog. I’m super super excited. I can’t wait to see my mom’s reaction. She’s probably gonna like it I don’t think I’m gonna introduce him to Bosley tonight and they kind of gave us some instructions on how you have to introduce him to another dog because Bosley might think our house is just his territory which he already does thinking like that come to dinner Yeah, like we have to set up like a playdate for them to introduce each other this dog is so hyper though I don’t know how he’s gonna. Do it look look all right. I will catch you guys when we get home We’re almost home. I say like two minutes. I told my mom to come outside. She actually has no idea What kind of dog we got, but I’m sure she’s gonna fall in love with his mom are you there? Okay, close your eyes She’s not too excited wait mom keep your eyes closed here, we go our newest never do you open your eyes? What do you think I mean we hear buzzing behind the door Already looters mom oh My god guys. There’s no way. He’s real. There is actually no way look at him What’s up? Come here the game You won’t play with the toy Ready, oh one two go get Saw the weak throat you can barely even see his face guys. Not first you’re gonna give him that teddy bear haircut soon I know you guys are all gonna want to see it He’s gonna look like a completely different dog and you’re gonna actually see his face But for now, it’s just ah his water right now. He just looks like a little fluff ball Just running around like it’s not even a dog It’s just a fluff ball look how he spreads his feet that has to be the cutest thing in the world so right now I’m getting everything set up like I haven’t gotten a new dog since Bosley which was four years ago So I’m getting everything set up right now I have to get all the wires off the floor because he’s a puppy he’s gonna chew on whatever But we’re getting some wee-wee pads set up That’s where he’s supposed to pee and poop he actually already peed on my bed Which is why there’s no blanket or anything so that’s not good, but it’s gonna take some time for him to learn Oh, I’m so happy guys. I’m actually so freakin happy oh, oh oh oh Eat your food hey slow it down you want to go in the car Oh, no, not yet. No no no no no no you know bad No, you don’t chew it okay. This is where you pee and poop. This is where you go No, you can’t do that. This is where you have to go potty. You don’t you see the X x marks the spot? Yeah, don’t you it is he really? Already chewing on my phone charger. There’s actually no way Off the floor will you let me do the outro without you chewing something, okay? I can’t get mad at him already I really can’t just look at him guys. Oh my God look how he’s sleeping next to my Rugrats tattoo Tell me he doesn’t blend in with the blanket. I don’t know why I’m making him watch the purge already drink some wine No no more food no more food. He’s licking his plate clean Don’t know those it’s 4:00 in the morning Wow what a rough night that was Wow what what did you do to me last night? What did you do to me guys not always be waiting about 4:00 in the morning But there was 2:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning 5:00 in the morning 6:00 in the morning I just recorded the floor in the morning part, and he pooped right on camera like men it is tough It is a huge responsibility so if you’re thinking of getting a new puppy like it’s a lot of work ok It’s not something small It’s not a little product like it’s a living thing that needs a bunch a bunch of caring and a lot of Attention wow he is like the cutest thing ever guys I hope you did enjoy Today’s video if you did please be sure to drop a like a look at him and remember give me some name Suggestions down in the comment section below. What do you do we can name him? I was gonna say Ted Oh, I was gonna say Ted, but like that’s kind of basic But if anything I might resort to the name Ted because he’s a teddy bear I don’t know. I’m kind of basic, but I’m actually in love I’m in love with you. Dude, so Bosley has yet to meet him Okay, like Bosley doesn’t know that there’s another dog in the house, so tomorrow’s video I’m gonna have them meet for the very first time so do not miss that it’s gonna be insane cuz Bosley is not gonna with dog hopefully Bosley likes him Hopefully Ted or no name whatever you guys want me to name him whichever one has the highest voice on my video like which everyone Has the top comment and I like it then I’m gonna name him that so thank you guys so much for watching Subscribe to become a rug rat today the rug rats one of the greatest fan bases on YouTube And you guys see this hoodie this hoodie was sold in my last Limited edition sale and guess what I’m opening my new merch store very very soon so be on the lookout for that I’m gonna talk about it a lot more of my videos when it does come out and a lot of people have been asking me About merch and it’s coming very very soon. What do you want to do fluffball? I? Hope you guys have a great rest of your day Thank you guys so much for watching and I have to take this little guy to the vet today so other than that it’s been rug and Ted or a fluff ball or whatever and we are out peece my dog fluffy af


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