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What Really Happened To Roz From Frasier

NBC’s Frasier lasted for 11 solid seasons
after it spun off from the long-running sitcom juggernaut Cheers. Peri Gilpin was among the break-out stars
of the show as Frasier Crane’s wisecracking producer, Roz. What’s she been up to since her time in Seattle? After Frasier ended, Gilpin didn’t rush out
to be a regular on another series right away. It took her awhile to find the right fit,
but in 2009, she accepted the role of Kim Keeler on the ABC Family series Make It or
Break It. As the mother of a competitive gymnast, Kim
had to support her daughter in her intense journey through the sport’s elite levels. After the success of the 2006 gymnastics film
Stick It, Make It or Break It was a hit with audiences who were interested in something
similar. At first, Gilpin was hesitant to take the
role, but she ended up being so impressed by the script and the young actors she would
be working with that she just had to say yes. The show ended up running for three seasons,
with Gilpin appearing in the first two. Gilpin has had plenty of other TV work post-Frasier,
including recurring roles on a number of popular series, like a four-episode stint on CSI. Another notable gig came in 2015, when she
started playing Deputy Homeland Security Director Katherine Cooper on the CBS series Scorpion. The show centered on a team of experts who
work with the Department of Homeland Security to combat high-tech security threats. Gilpin joined in the second season and appeared
in six episodes, and since then, she hasn’t taken on any new recurring roles in any other
shows. But she’s still been appearing in front of
the camera as a variety of characters. Like many actors who take their time in making
a big commitment after a long-running series ends, Gilpin has guest starred on a wide variety
of shows. You might’ve spotted her on Grey’s Anatomy
or Desperate Housewives over the years. In 2017, she got a lot of love for her appearance
on Comedy Central’s Broad City, in which she played Abbi’s mom. In some ways, characters like Roz paved the
way for fictional women like Ilana and Abbi who followed in her footsteps, thus making
Gilpin the perfect casting choice. “And I would really love to have one, like,
naughty girls’ night out with you. Could we do that?” “Yeah.” Although the majority of Gilpin’s work has
been on TV, she’s no stranger to film. However, she’s never been one to pursue roles
in major blockbuster flicks. You’re much more likely to catch her in a
made-for-TV movie on the Hallmark channel around the holiday season or a direct-to-DVD
production. One of Gilpin’s most notable films is 2019’s
Benjamin, directed by Full House star Bob Saget. The movie is about a family staging an intervention
for a 15-year-old boy who they suspect is hiding a secret drug habit, but they quickly
learn that they all have their own dark secrets to deal with. Interestingly enough, Benjamin was the first
film exclusively distributed by the Redbox kiosk service. Gilpin and her husband, painter Christian
Vincent, did not have an easy path to parenthood. When they finally got the news that they would
be welcoming not one, but two children into their family, they were ecstatic. Gilpin told People Magazine that the day they
found out they were going to be parents was one of the happiest of their lives. In May 2004, they became parents to twin girls,
Ava and Stella, via a surrogate mother. The twins were born shortly after the final
episode of Frasier aired, which worked out perfectly for Gilpin. After working hard on a network sitcom for
a full decade, she needed some time off. She decided to take a break once the show
wrapped so that she could stay home with the girls and enjoy being a mother. Even though it was a huge life change, Gilpin
had lots of fun preparing for motherhood and approached the surrogacy with a sense of humor,
showing up to her baby shower with padding stuffed under her clothes to make herself
look like she was actually nine months pregnant. Fans of Frasier will be happy to know that
the cast hasn’t lost touch since the finale aired in 2004. Gilpin remains close with several of the main
cast members, especially Jane Leeves, whom she considers to be one of her best friends. She even got married at Kelsey Grammer’s house. Leeves was of course on hand as one of her
bridesmaids. “You’ve always been just like a brother to
me, which is weird, I know, because we slept together.” The show’s enduring popularity and the cast’s
lasting bond leads to the question every Frasier fan has been asking since 2004: will there
ever be a reunion? The answer right now appears to be a resounding
“maybe,” but the odds are actually looking pretty good. Gilpin has definitely not ruled out the idea,
but it would have to happen under the right circumstances. She told Variety, “I wouldn’t want to harm the legacy of something
that was so well done by so many people, some of whom aren’t here anymore to weigh in. If there was a way that everyone agreed on
… and everybody thought it was a good idea, then yeah.” The good news is that Grammer has reported
that he is actively working with a group of writers to pitch ideas for potential new episodes. Nothing is officially in production yet, but
there just might be some new Frasier in the coming years. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more The List videos about your favorite
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  • I loved Frasier. I was curious about the actress for Roz. It seemed like i hadn't seen alot of the cast after the show ended, outside of Kelsey Grammer.

  • Fraser is one of my nostalgic shows I binge watch when I missing my mom…Also golden girls and forensic files. In the last year’s of my mom’s life we would sit all day and watch her favorite shows For hours. Watching Frasier always brings me out of a bad place.

  • This was posted 31 October, 2019 and already 3,000 plus views. There is hope for smart tv series being missed after all.

  • What i LOVE about Her is that She is BEAUTIFUL and has NOT succumbed to the PLASTIC surgery…shes beautiful natuarlly and aging gracefully…i love THAT ❤

  • I am a person who has never watched sit coms. Never. Don't like 'em, period. Once about a dozen years ago I stumbled on a Frasier rerun and sat through it. I've never laughed so hard. I had to see more. They were sporadic (at the time we were still trapped in cable tv) Now, thankfully it's available streaming and my husband and I watch one episode every evening with supper. When we've concluded the series, we just go back to the beginning and start again. I LOVE Frasier. It's funny as all hell, smart, doesn't talk down to the audience, and other than a few clues (like the cell phones/ computer remarks) it has held up to time extremely well. It has made me laugh and cry. Now when something happens in our real life we often catch ourselves saying—"This is a Frasier episode"!

  • There should definitely be a Frasier movie. I think of all the times they've made all those Rugrats movies and those Jimmy Neutron movies and then SpongeBob the movie

  • Gilpin is a fox. Warm, and sexy!
    Her father was a newscaster on a local Philadelphia station. He died suddenly, in a freak accident. Another local newscaster, Jessica Savitch, (a knockout) also died in a freak accident, around the same time, I think.

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