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What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

today we’re going to talk about the facts surrounding pitbulls click thumbs up if you understand that stereotyping an entire breed is no way to judge an individual dog subscribe to my channel and pick up a copy of my book dog training revolution I actually feature my videos throughout the entire book so that you have a more thorough understanding of how to teach your dog if you have a dog you’ve got to check out pet flow pet flow takes all of the hassle out of getting your dog’s food you choose your dog’s friend of dog food and how often you want it to arrive at your front door you can and should train without the pain which is why Peplow doesn’t sell training tools that are designed to be painful to dogs like the other guys do be choosy about where you get your dog food and give your business to a company that cares about modern training methods I’ll have a link in a coupon code in the description that will give you 20% off of your first automatic shipment I know you’ll love it or I wouldn’t recommend it now let me introduce you to our guest this is candy candy was rescued from a really violent situation back in 2009 by my ap Rachel but now she’s in a much better situation and doing great many people think that a pitbull is a specific breed of dog but actually the term pitbull encompasses a variety of different breeds like the American Bulldog the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier unfortunately pit bull-type dogs seem to fall victim to negative stereotypes arguably more than any other type of dog out there but I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of these guys over the years and overall they’re wonderful dogs one of the many reasons for the perpetuation of the myth that pit bulls are generally aggressive dogs is that oftentimes when someone does experience a dog bite and they go to the emergency room they either report that a dog bit them or a pitbull bit them and this causes emergency room medical records to be very biased against pit bull-type dogs sketchy data like this has led to local even national governments attempting to ban pit bull-type dogs almost entirely this is what’s known as breed specific legislation a study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association examined dog bite related fatalities and found that breed was not a factor for such reasons the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the American Veterinary Society of animal behavior and other organizations have publicly opposed breed specific legislation as it doesn’t help reduce dog bite incidents and deaths in light of these studies many countries such as Italy and the Netherlands have reversed their breed specific legislation pitbulls were originally created by breeding terrier dogs with Bulldogs in order to combine the agility of the terrier with the strength of the Bulldog these dogs were used for such sports as bull baiting and bear baiting and then when those sports were outlawed many people turned to underground dogfighting competitions because they were easier to conceal from law enforcement while this certainly is a violent history it’s important to remember that just because a dog can be trained to be violent does not mean a dog is inherently violent by Nature as far as we can tell pitbulls are no more likely to be born with an instinctive desire to fight then a Maltese or a Labrador is more accurately pitbulls are very often highly trainable athletic dogs making them prime candidates to be exploited for nefarious activities today pitbulls are used for so many positive things they help law enforcement they can make great therapy dogs and of course they make wonderful pets so with the violent image that people think of when they think of pitbulls isn’t due to their natural temperament then why does this image persist well a study in the Journal of interpersonal violence found that those who have high-risk breeds like pit bulls Rottweilers German Shepherds Chow Chows and Doberman Pinschers have on average 10 times as many criminal convictions as those with lower risk breeds a more accurate correlation would be that those who are more likely to participate in criminal activity are also attracted to the negative stereotype of pit bull type dogs it turns out that people are the problem not the dogs and this is where the debate really needs to center around the fact is some people are going to exploit pitbulls either to be attack dogs or to have them as a status symbol but a loving person like you isn’t going to do that pitbulls are often very strong hyper powerful dogs and in many cases that can be really overwhelming even frightening for some it can be easy to mistake this exuberance for potentially dangerous behavior and it is true that pent up energy can sometimes lead to aggressive outbursts with some dogs but this is true all dogs regardless of their breed for these types of dogs regular exercise especially in the morning can make an enormous difference in their overall quality of life happiness and teachability and remember pit bull-type dogs are really common in pound shelters and rescue organizations all over the place so if you’re considering one for your next dog this should be the first place you look I could not get the message out about important topics like this without you thank you to our supporters on patreon who helped fund these videos click thumbs up if you think candy was the model pitbull today I certainly do oh she was so good subscribe to my channel pick up a copy of my book dog training revolution set up automatic pet food delivery at Peplow and check us out on Instagram too I’m gonna have all those links in the description of this video see you guys next time here are some recent episodes featuring some awesome pitbulls check them out you you

  • I have a Pit-Terrier and I can say that he is the most loyal and clownish boy you will see. My late Chihuahua on the other hand was like a midget who didn't care how big the other guy was and would bark away lol.

  • a friend of mine had a Pit named Vicious…. and she was the sweetest and gentlest dog and super duper babysitter of two crazy kids LOL.

  • I personally wouldn't have a pit bull
    And most of the time they don't make good therapy dogs just because they get over excited.
    I have had a very scary experience with a pit bull therapy dog ( who was in training but close to being certified) but I don't hate the dog breed

  • So I love Pitties so don't misunderstand me. But if you don't want people to judge your breed how can you turn around and point the finger at Chihuahuas and Dachshunds? Are they the only breeds it's ok to shit on? So no one can say anything against APBTs but breed ignorance is okay if it's against breeds you hate? Sorry but that's fucked up and so hypocritical it's hilarious. Don't do that. How can you say that? Stick with it. Punish the deed, not the breed! That includes ALL BREEDS. My Dachshund is as likely to bite as my Pit mix I rescued in the middle of the street. Both are stupid sweet BECAUSE I TRAINED THEM TO BE. So shut the fuck up and unless you stay with one thing. Don't be a hypocrite it just disproves everything we are working for. Don't run your damn mouth. It's either punish the deed not the breed, how you train them. Or you admit it IS A BREED PROBLEM. Which we know is bullshit. So leave small breeds alone unless you own one yourself and trained it. Then by all means talk shit.

  • Everyone I know who has pitbulls loves them and not a lot of people know that pitbulls were known as nanny dogs, my pitbull loves my 6 month niece

  • Obviously a dog owner looking for a dog at an animal shelter, always find pit bulls everywhere. "Ahem" I wonder what happened to them?

  • I'm sorry to say but pitbulls can snap at any moment! Most dog attacks are pitbulls. Like a woman had 2 pitbulls for 9 years and they tore her arm up. They are just too corrupted. Sorry that's just my opinion.😕

  • One of the nicest dogs I ever met was a british pitbull, other wise known as nanny dogs because of how well they get along with children. He's super friendly, loves to give kisses, and is convinced he's a lap dog. Only "problem" is that he's built like a bank vault and is so strong that when he cuddled up to my leg I got moved backwards. Keep in mind I'm 5'-11" and weigh 250 pounds and this little truck with legs was making me move.

  • I am so happy when people do these videos concerning APBT …my dog was a licensed support animal and wouldn't have hurt a fly, he was murdered in 2017 in Louisville Kentucky by police officers during an illegal raid and I have been fighting for Justice every since please anyone who sees this, sign my petition and share it on your social media accounts he was raised with 1 other pit bull, his brother Victory who is still with me but not the same since he witnessed his brother being killed my other dog a chihuahua/yorkie died 3 days later from the trauma they were all so close for 6 years. He was killed strictly because of his breed.

  • Check out and/or watch these videos of pit bull dogs doing what they were selectively bred for hundreds of years to do to us AND our beloved pets;   

    Two pet pitbull dogs attack man on NYC street: ;     

    A mother, doing the ALS "ice bucket challenge," mauled by her pitbull dog:;  

    Pitbull dog attacks two dogs in Michigan:;   

    Pit attacks beloved pet in CA:​  ;   

    Pet pitbull attacks owner:​ ;  

    Just after Ohio woman mauled by pitbull dog: ;  

    Pitbull dog in Brazil mauling his owner:​  ;    

    Pitbull dog attacking a child in Texas. ​ ;  

    Pit bull dogs climb a roof and kill pet cat ;   

    Pitbull dog owner mauled by her pit bull, loses arm:: ​​.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love pit bulls and I’d loveee to have a pitlab mix. But explain how there are some pit bulls have have just snapped for no reason. A man on Staten Island had adopted a pit bull from our local shelter. The family was all at home in the backyard. And the dog chose to attack a 20something year old in the fam. He wasn’t doing anything. Not even interacting with the dog at that time. The dog just attacked him.
    There was also an older man who was attacked by two pit bulls that had jumped over the fence as he was walking by their house. And was skinned to death.

  • I have two pit bulls. One a blue pit bull at age 6. And recently new one that is a shepherd pit bull mix at age 2 months. They are so loving, caring, enjoyable dogs. They always make your heart melt with their love and kindness! They especially love cuddles. They are misunderstood fur babies, but they soon becoming regular fur babies!

  • So no dog has killed more children, more seniors, more people, and more of other people's dogs than ANY other type dogs? Wow! I guess the CDC, ASPCA, PETA, the US Supreme Courts, over 700 cities, and the insurance companies all have it wrong. I guess Chihauhas are the really at the top of the charts.
    Even though pit bulls and mixes only make up 13% of the entire dog population I take it ONLY pits have bad owners?
    Sorry….but what a crock of shit.

  • a true pure breed american pit bull terrier is naturally dog aggressive just by the temperaments they bred into them but they should in no way be human aggressive. if you own a dog that is know for being gamedogs then it might not ever happen but you still need to be a responsible owner and know the breeds history and how to prevent outburst and if it does happen what to do. becuase if a pit bull is attacking another dog hitting or trying to yell at it isn’t going to fix the problem

  • i have two pitties, one a gaurd dog, also family dog (by training) and a really sweet one (by choice, refused to be trained to be a gaurd dog)

  • I have one and they chop his balls of and was going to kill him and he plays with little dogs and is so smart it bad treatment they get am from uk

  • Your confused between bully breed an abpt is the only breed of PITBULLS bull dogs are bulldogs an staffy is a stafordshire terrier an a pitbull is a pitbull.and pitbulls were bread exclusively for hearding bulls an other farm animals.there was nothing to do with violence in the international breeding.being good at it was simply a side effect

  • I have an American bully(aka a pit bull)named Gunner and he's the cutest he is so sweet and funny he's also a big chicken I dropped my small flower crown and he ran away and into his little hiding spot that he strangely has he mainly uses it when he's scared mainly on 4th of July (bc of the fireworks) or in a thunder storm But is awesome I live him so much

  • bruh I get what your saying but please don’t deny the evidence most dog attacks in the world are from pit bulls

  • They’re amazing love em!! They’re are what and how they are raised!!!!!!!!!! Love dem pit bulls!!!! Bad ass guard pooches!!

  • Check the statistics!!!!!!
    Pitbulls have killed more humans than any other breed so yeah…………..
    Pibulls = human killers!!!!
    This made me UNSUB👎

  • They are high maintenance for affection. And need tons of it . That's probably why people get rid of them. They want a guard dog to look cool. And find out its a overactive ADD CHILD LOL

  • I love all dogs and I know a lot about a lot of dogs. Some people in my family think that pitbulls are dangerous but are fine with other dogs. The only difference pitbulls have is that they have people saying mean things about them.Before your mean to a dog, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  • I've had my girl from 6 wks old. She is the sweetest girl. I'd say she would lead the robbers to the loot, but I'd like to think when the chips are down she'd have your ass. Hope we never have to find out. But my sidearm doesn't hurt either.

  • When some people think of a Pitbull they imagine a dog wider than it is tall while other imagine a large dog always showing it’s teeth. The truth is most people will label any remotely scary breed/breed that’s looks like a Pit Bull Terrier a Pitbull. When someone that doesn’t know the difference between a bully and a pit bull terrier they will report bites as a pit bull. Most pit bull bites are not even Pit Bull Terriers but Bully’s and other pit-like dogs. That’s like blaming a race for the murders of the entire humanity.

  • Pitbulls are the best I just adopted my 2nd pitty from the shelter.. If anyone is looking for a great dog please go to your local shelter and save a life

  • First Fuck you you LIE like a FUCKING rug. all pit bulls NEED TO BE DESTROYED PERIOD END OF STORY….

  • What does it mean to case a puppy . I’m getting my first puppy they were just born like a week ago. And the person that’s selling me the puppy say I need to case the puppy but I don’t know what that means. Casing the puppy.

  • I had a pit bull named Casey. She died from sinus cancer in April of 2018. I still miss her to this day.

  • I have had the pleasure of having numerous furry companions throughout my life; from a Yorkie, to a Doberman, Mastiff, Mutts, etc. One of the most loving, gentle intelligent companion was my pitbull Barnie who sadly passed away years ago due to cancer. Despite the sensationalism of news stories and dissemination of ignorance, they are an amazing breed.

  • A dog that is recused from an abusive situation can still be sweet it shows it's not how they are raised. Stop saying it's how they are raised when dogs used in dog fighting can be great dogs.

  • I have a pit/mix, she found me I like to say. She’s turned out to be a great dog 🐕. She does all kinds of tricks, she can even count to 3. We are working on counting higher, we’ll get there. One of the best dogs I’ve had. ♥️ I wish I could post the video of her counting, she totally watches my hand 🖐 and fingers. It’s awesome 👏

  • In my opinion pits are just protective the ones ive met have only seem to act aggressive when someone is or looks like they're in danger

  • I have more reasons to not understand you and click dislike rather than understand you. Pitbulls are created to be killing machines to fight bears and bulls in pits in the UK

  • Another thing that people will get wrong is the fact that a lot of times, people will rescue pit bulls from bad situations and when they are adopted out, sometimes those situations can cause negative behavior. So people will automatically assume that “they are aggressive because they are a pitbull.” Ummmm no? They are just SCARED! Lost of those dogs will end up with anxieties and be fearful with new situations or new people. Like my dog. He’s terrified of people and crowds and loud noises. Well we are actually bringing him to training and pretty soon, he will be my emotional support dog! How far he has come. Such a proud mom❤️

  • I provably have the same problem as you. I own rottweiler and people are like ugh i'm affraid. Im like oh fuck u she kitten

  • Someone dumped a pretty little Beagle pup on me. When he hit 100 pounds I knew something was wrong. The Vet thinks he's a pit bull mixed with Black and Tan 'Coon Hound. He's about 130 pounds now and still looks like a Beagle (OVER INFLATED). He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He sleeps on the foot of my bed, snores, farts, and steals my food. He's almost perfect.

  • My pitbull is one huge lump of muscle which she uses to dominate my bed… sleeps full length stretched out head on pillow… eats more than l do.. guards my front door better than a marine.. watches more tv than me..farts louder than me…and snuggles better than any wool blanket…loves bathtime jumps in when lm in the bath..loves soapy fun n bubbles. Danger ? Yeah too loving.too many kisses..and very clumsy with a whip for a tail…no ornaments are safe…
    Total swertheart would be dead without her..and ld rather be so

  • Pits are good when trained right not like the thousand videos on YouTube of them killing their owner of 8 yrs or almost killing a child playing in the yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the college girl walking her two pits in the park then they turned on her and killed her!!!!!!!!, been plenty of people that raised them great then their pit killed them!!!!!!! Just a fact they are dangerous and unless you’re a professional dog trainer you shouldn’t have a pit

  • Pitbulls are cute but also dangerous, just like any other dog that exists, they're just stronger than others, I don't understand why they're hated

  • I freaking LOVE pit bulls! I keep begging my mom to get a rescued one. But she just says “No way! They’re too aggressive!” Like this comment to prove her that they’re not aggressive and that they’re complete SWEETHEARTS! ❤️♥️❤️

  • This video is such bullsh&t, Pitbulls are violent by nature they were bred for hundreds of years to be aggressive and “game” , game means they will fight until the death and will not quit. To ignore hundreds of years of selectively breeding a dogs temperament and aggressiveness is ludicrous.

  • I have a brittish Staffordshire bull terrier. She is so affectionate. She likes dogs so long as she knows them. A dog trainer once told me soon after I got her (at age 4) that she'll never be great with dogs. She has come leaps and bounds since I got her. She just doesn't like dogs she doesn't know being close to her and will lash out. The only other issue I have is my front fence. As a lot of people keep reinforcing her barking by crossing the road or walking faster. It's so frustrating as they don't give me a chance to talk to them so Bella knows they are fine or that barking won't chase people away from her home

  • My pitbull is a absolute sweetheart hes only 5 months old but he has never once got aggressive, he gets along with my other dogs and they treat him as he's part of their pack, so idk how people see pits are aggressive they're just like every other dogs they want a little love and lots of pets and that's that, their so kind and sweet, alot of people think their the first dog that gets aggressive on site but in reality their the last breed that gets agressive hands down

  • I've been thinking about getting an American Pitbull Terrier once I get older, this video rly helped me to know more about Pitbull's in general, love your Videos!

  • We can select for behaviorial traits. Selecting for behavioral traits is an important part of domestication and, later, of creating new breeds.

    What happens when we select for aggression and breed only the dogs that win in the pit, show extreme aggression, and little reaction to pain? You get a violent breed that is hard wired to kill. That's why pit bulls make up 6% of the dog population yet are implicated in over 60% of fatal maulings. That's why pit bulls kill dogs, cats, and livestock at higher rates than other dogs. That's why pit bulls are responsible for more attacks on family members than any other breed.

    Will every pit be aggressive? No. But their heritage makes them riskier than other breeds. And given that plenty of other breeds are available and make fantastic, loving pets, why put the safety of yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and nearby animals at risk?

  • So no one remembers the 2 pitbulls who dragged a boy outside and mauled him to death in the snow? They were "loving family dogs" too 😓

  • Don't promote them I live close to the park with off leash area for the dogs and dogs attacks happening I have seen one myself and I was screaming out of my lungs it was unsuspected and horrible And something little diss getting killed by pit breeds And some people choose not to go to that park anymore Very sad Before dog can be declared dangerous it should kill or seriously injure someone so life of a person or little animals no matter.

  • People get very riled up over an animal attacking or killing someone, but you have and I mean have to go into depth of reasons of why. People want to blame an entire group just based off of maulings, attacks, or bites even though they're millions of dogs in the world and the number of reported attacks don't match to the majority.

  • Pits are friendly 99.999 percent of the time and then one day they have a mood swing like a jaded x wife and murder you. They are dangerous because they switch on like a crazy lunatic. Why are we trying to sell dangerous dog breeds? This is like idea all cultures are equal. We are morons. Just like different wild animals are more dangerous than others so are dogs.

  • Know your history, Pitbulls were originally bred by Southerners to protect their children. Remember The Little Rascals dog, Petey, he was a Pitbull.

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