Who Will Rock You? | Season 2: Episode 8 – The Winning Band: Hounds | Topgolf

(audience cheering)
(electricity sparking) – And now it all comes
down to the audience vote. The band who will be
representing Nashville in our season finale is Hounds! (audience cheering) (band yelling) – [Band member] Oh my gosh. So we showed up in this competition and there were so many bands
that were a part of this. So many bands that auditioned. – So amazing.
– So many great bands. – How are we feeling from
this decision tonight? – I cannot even believe this. Thank you so much, Nashville. Oh my gosh. (audience cheering) It happened so fast. The floor was shaking underneath you every time you hit the kit. The subs underneath were
shaking my whole body. So I couldn’t feel my face. – I mean, make some noise for both bands and give it up for Hounds! (audience cheering) (band yelling) (upbeat rock music)
(electricity sparking)

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