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Who’s Paying for the Wall?

Did you know
that you should cover the camera on your computer? What for? So nobody can spy on you. I saw it on a movie. They’re watching you through
that camera. That’s not true. Well… let’s continue, please. We were talking about
if there is a way that Mexicans don’t pay
for a wall that symbolizes humiliation, immi– – Immigration.
– No, denigration, and poor taste. And is there one? Well, if the President
would have said no, there could be a way, but… I have a proposal.
Can I? Go ahead. Okay. If we pay for the wall, then it will be ours, right? – Yes, that’s right.
– No. – No? Yes.
– Yes. Yes. And if it’s ours, then we can do whatever we want
with it, right? – No.
– Yes. Yes. – Of course.
– Well, then let’s use it in our favor.
We can take advantage of it. – Get it?
– So, you mean– – Like, for example…
– Open a fronton? Yes, that’s right.
Open a fronton and next to it, build a rappel wall. Bring back the jai alai. Or the squash tennis. – That’s it, that’s it.
– “Sports The Wall.” Write that down. “before deportation, practice sports.” – I love it!
– Yeah. Hey, what about graffiti? Of course. “Galleries The Wall.” “Don’t come here to take a piss, better yet my art you’ll kiss.” – I love it! Love it!
– That is beautiful. How do you like it, Rosita?
What do you think? – It’s very good, sir.
– Right? – It’s incredible.
– Besides, we can start by selling licenses
for the wall. I know. We can build houses. We already have one wall,
we’ll just need three more. We can paint
different backgrounds and take pictures
of the quinceañeras. The bands will love the wall. We can charge them for every ad. Shutters that go up and down and
we can use them as little shops. Chickens…
For only five pesos… A place where you can
make a wish, like The Wailing Wall, right? Or a kissing booth?
What do you think? No, wait, I know. Glory hole for all Mexicans! A lick for only five pesos! – That’s pretty good.
– Hello? – That’s a pretty good idea.
– The wall should be thinner. – It’s for you.
– I’m busy right now. It’s Trump. Yes. Yes. That’s fine. Okay. Good bye. Good bye. – What?
– What? What is it? That was Trump. Yes, but… – He wants to buy the wall.
– What? See? They’re spying on you
through the camera.


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