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Why is there no flag on the Kremlin. Rumors over Putin’s plans. #1196

It’s March 22nd 2019. The strange fact that all the flags over Kremlin disappeared is quiet much discussed in social networks those days. There is no more flag over the Kremlin now. If you remember, rumor-discussions were launched in social networks over this tricolor flag naming it the Vlasov’s flag. You should understand when such information spreads so well over social network users and so many comments and debates are present, there’s somebody promoting it and for sure it is the KGB. You may call it FSB, but I’ll stick to the old-fashioned way and I’ll tell you that’s the KGB doing such spreads over social networks, speaking about our tricolor, about Vlasov’s flags. At the moment of time when this meme appeared, about Russian’s tricolor being Vlasov’s flag, believe it or not, but the decision of changing the coloration of the country flag was already approved. That is the real cause of the recent Vlasov’s flag meme that was so easily absorbed by Russian social network users and the nation did swallow the bait and got hooked on. The bait-information was tasty and was easily swallowed by users. Beside the tricolor, there are other rumor-discussions over internet, about General Zolotov, Beside the tricolor, there are other rumor-discussions over internet, about General Zolotov, Director of the National Guard of Russia and Chief of President’s Security, being supposedly shot, maybe even dead I would like to address myself to the Kremlin, what do you think there in the Kremlin, show us general Zolotov, is he really alive ? Indeed that’s been really long since we saw him last, when he flashed on our screens as a Hollywood Star, once with Navalny, then with a bombman on the Red Square. It was funny and silly at the same time, but we were seeing him here and there. But now after his success, his stunning success in the mass media he disappeared, show us his face, don’t hide general Zolotov from us. If he’s alive, please show him to people. The nation wants to see Victor Zolotov. No, of course nobody worries too much if something had happened to him. Basically people don’t care much if he’s out there with a digging tool or isn’t he in good health and alive. How can the flag influence the statehood ? Noway, absolutely no way. It’s something like what suit you choose to put on yourself. You can decide to put on a full-red suit for example, as back in the days did Gorbatchev’s wife Raisa. It was during Raisa Gorbatcheva’s visit to the Pope. And as the dos and don’ts of polite manners meen, no one should come to meet the Pope dressed in red. Why ? Simply because all of his Cardinals dress in red and no one else should dress this way. This etiquette wasn’t really intended to men since no man would normally dress up in full-red, but women could think to wear red color, it is a common color for women, so that is exactly why Raisa Gorbatcheva received multiple advises to don’t dare to wear red. You know that was a harsh and loud way to come in full force in Pope’s palace, in Vatican itself in a full-red suit. So the flag on one hand is something incredible, but on the other hand, what’s so wrong about it ? Does someone’s life will change from the fact that the flag have changed, with a different coloration ? No. As the quality of life in Russia was decreasing, getting worse and worse and worse, so it continues to decrease. It’s not going to rise higher.
You want to know who governs Russia ? It’s not going to rise higher.
You want to know who governs Russia ? Yes, there was a take-over in the Kremlin, yes I already discussed this fact some 6 weeks ago on my channel. Have a look at my videos, I’m making so many of them that I can’t remember in which particular one I extended the most my views over the recent Kremlin take-over. I remember it was recent, but the confrontations inside the Kremlin, as I call it « under-carpet bulldog fights » – I was talking about them the whole last year 2018 Constantly during the past year I was talking about those Kremlin’s inner fights in order to inform people the better I can. Unfortunately, people pay attention to such things only once it overrides, « when the thunder breaks out and the man crosses himself », the flag disappeared and everybody started to worry about it.
Sad, I was speaking over this topic, saying that there’s a revolution going on in there, then I declared : the over-take happened, the revolution is done inside there ! But no, people don’t believe it, since Putin is on the screens, walking here and there. An image, a mask ? Probably. It can be the actor Bezrukov or any other professional, as you noticed there are many new comers in the Russian actor sector. But in the video where Mr President was riding a horse we saw an old man. What a shame, maybe Bezrukov could have jumped much easier on the horse, but we saw an old man using a stool to climb on the mare, or was it a stallion, we should have a closer look probably. It wasn’t mentioned. But it’s not my point, I would rather pay attention to who would inherit the Putin’s place. Since a take-over happened, someone will inherit President’s place. The president has far-reaching plans. Everyone seem to understand that neither Putin neither Putin’s team backing him up are ready to cede their places. The president has far-reaching plans. Everyone seem to understand that neither Putin neither Putin’s team backing him up are ready to cede their places. And how could they ? No one is ever ready to let go a position that feeds him, a role in which he has the possibility to gain a load of money. And how could they ? No one is ever ready to let go a position that feeds him, a role in which he has the possibility to gain a load of money. How can they let go ? As they all are orphans. Yes, nobody know their parents, they have no story nor history, underendowed and deprived with any good life. They came out of nowhere, you know, as February fair-maids. Most of Russian government members have a completely other biography which differs from their official ones. They where not born they way you read in their biographies. I would like to discuss this subject with you, specifically speaking of Russian Politicians Biographies, but it’s one of those subjects that we need to dig in for a long time and with patience in order to get any useful details. That is why I ask you, my subscribers, to give some help to my channel, it’s hard to make investigations without support. This week I received support from two of my subscribers and I’m very greatful for it, since I am able to produce content of better and better quality. I can thank you in person if you leave your name and e-mail or simply your nickname in social networks, I’ll probably see you and remember your support. Today the question is who will inherit Putin’s place. It’s a great intrigue. Inside Kremlin, « they » planned one thing. « They » are planning not a single-step change, no, « they » are planning series of steps to achieve. « They » plan so. Those far-reaching plans as I called it previously I will discuss with you later in another video, not in this one. Today I’ll discuss the earliest step of their plannification that they had plannified for the nearest future. It was concerning Minsk, Belarus, Minsk was intended to save Russia. So that Putin could come back again to political power. Why do you think Russia is truying to get advantage over Belarus? Lukoshenko is struggling against that because he also has a son, so he is in exactly the same position, he also wants to hand over the reins to his beloved son who by the way is quiet a handsome guy really, very handsome, though we do not know much yet about his mental abilities, he didn’t have yet the opportunity to show himself, but if his a chip off the old block, if he’s his father’s son, we can expect him to be highly smart and cunning. And it will be their praise and honor if Lukashenko has brought into the World a boy of his kind, a Lukoshenko Junior, a younger version of President Lukoshenko with bigger young-man ambitions And imagine now, with all those Ambitions of President Lukoshenko, « they » started to cut down his political strength. Of course he struggled against but failed. Huh, you thought there would be no compromising materials over him ? Our KGB works very efficiently in Belarus of course and gathers all available compromising materials. So « they » were able to nail down President Lukoshenko quiet efficiently. Knowing how Lukoshenko is stubborn, with no joke, I’m telling you that Moscow was ready to launch missiles. Don’t get confused by his agricultural skills and his last present to Putin, giving him 4 sacks of potatoes from his private garden. Lukoshenko is definitely a clever man and it looks like he is able to find his way through this recent attempt of annexion of Mr Putin. Especially as he sees attempts of over-take inside the Kremlin, especially when everything is destabilized. And he also started to dig and collect compromising materials over « they », the ones that use Putin as a mask to come into power in the Kremlin. You know, we see Putin Putin Putin again and again, but behind the scene there’s such an intense struggle going on between « they ». Several so-called Putin’s team are fighting each other in the Kremlin, making moves against each other. That’s how it is, but we see always Putin, not what’s behind his shoulders between his teams. And Russians think that life is good with this one president – Mr Putin. Yes, there’s one president, but no, there is only one name, the mask Mr Putin and behind the mask there are arms and legs which differs one from the others. Oh, how security officials love their strong legs and to strike here and there their opponents. Seeing the happening in the Kremlin, Lukoshenko started to search solutions how to jump off Kremlin’s hook and get rid of Kremlin’s hands over Minsk. And now Minsk, oh yes it happened today, this message appeared some 46 minutes ago, when I started this video it was 30 minutes only from the message. I’ll read it for you : Minsk reacted at the rumors about Putin’s plans after 2024. So what does include the plan of Putin for 2024 ? It’s the year of elections, he has to take his leave. But it is possible that at this moment, in 2024, Russia and Belarus can unite together forming a new country and in such a case our president will want to become the Head of Russia and Belarus united state, do you imagine, yeah ? Maybe adding Ukrainian Donetsk and Lugansk rebel regions, calling themselves DNR and LNR, where the rebels were fighting for this purpose – to become a part of Russia. But no, it wasn’t so interesting to annex Donetsk and Lugansk back then, it will be much more efficient to annex those region during the 2024 election year. Based on those plans I suppose that « they » intend to continue war in eastern Ukraine till 2024 in order that the local situation will come to a head and Putin will be able to become head of the united state Russia – Belarus – LNR – DNR. It does seem correct from the legislatif point of view, don’t you think ? Is it correct and lawful ? You know, we’re already fed up with such correct and lawful behavior, remembering when Medvedev became president in order to change the constitution for Mr Putin’s next elections. The theme of uniting Russia with Belarus into a single country as well as the possibility of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to become the head of this new country was discussed during bilateral meetings of the work group discussing the treaty of the common state, but only briefly. This was posted by as being the answer of the Minister of Foreign Affair of Belarus Vladimir Makkei. He commented the information published by the news-maker Bloomberg over the Russian Administration of the President is working through the possibility Putin keeping his place of Head of the State after 2024, one of the scenarios is to combine Russia and Belarus into a new State and Mr Putin should be the Head of this new state allowing him to bypass the current constitutional restriction over the number of presidential terms. For whom in reality do « they » plan to perform such a show, because the Russian people understand that they are simple viewers in someone’s else show and have no influence over what repertoire will be performed. This show is performed between Lukoshenko and several Putin’s teams which I call simply « they » in the Kremlin and common people don’t have any rights of decision in it. That’s the way « they » play tricks, unfair play. Belarus Minister Makkei commented that such topics where discussed only briefly and only in the context of such insinuations which sometimes appear in various media. You heard the statement of Belarus President Lukoshenko that « We do not trade our sovereignty, sovereignty is holy for us. » « In our understanding, there can be no talk of any kind of union incorporation and I think that our Russian friends have the same understanding over the topic » added their Minister of Foreign Affairs. In the Bloomberg article published on March 21st, the newsmaker stated that along with the scenario to unite with Belarus, the Russian President Administration was as well working through a similar scenario with Kazakhstan, which first President Nursultan Nazarbaev announced his resignation from being president however keeping the chairmanship of the Kazakhstan Security Council and the Nur Otan Party. Russian Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov stated that there are no discussions in the Kremlin over uniting Russia and Belarus for the sake of keeping Putin in power after 2024. According to Press Secretary Peskov : « Russian President Administration has other tasks on its agenda ».


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