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Gordon Blanc or some longtime yo what’s up guys it’s your boy LP so I went on the good old internet today and I saw our good friend kiss I uploaded a video he said why I beat Logan Paul that’s interesting cuz I don’t think you did I thought we’d tied I’m pretty sure we tie I know we tied here’s a picture of us you’re on the right side as you can see both of our hands are raised commonly referred to as a draw but okay I see I’m actually gonna be making one of these pretty soon to is like a round by round analysis saying like why I thought I should have won the fight so if you guys have not yet subscribed make sure to hit the button for me but I figured I would watch this video and see what chaos eyes commentary and perspective is on the fight and see how he interpreted the fight before I do my full analysis so let’s dive in why I’m here to explain why I won the fight Oh was a time but okay all right judges got it wrong stay out like absolutely biessed know scooby-doo laughs it’s coming back to his brain he doesn’t understand why I was wearing the mask coming from the dude wearing a full mask nice jobs see him was that doing a few frames just to see what he does whenever I try son it’s interesting cuz ki is definitely more technical than I am um at this stage in my boxing career anyways that’s one of the pros he had over me his um experience and his ring knowledge really really helped him in this fight because I think he’s been training for about a year and I’m I’m I was like four months in well you know he had a really good job that’s a really good job I gotta give him an thanks man yeah I know my tweet I’m pretty quick and I discovered that I have a pretty lethal jab literally a week and a half before the fight so it’s gonna be cool in the rematch being able to build things around the jab sort of just relying on like one punch he takes his time he really doesn’t want to attack but he taught me that was good right obviously I I I can eat punches today’s I did notice that about ksi I was impressed I wasn’t because I hit I hit pretty hard didn’t seem to faze him too much who’s got a chin OC he was getting me so he started being a bit cocky but you know that wasn’t gonna face me I don’t know that never affects me I disagree that’s the one thing I noticed after the first round I’m telling you his spirit change his demeanor changed wasn’t like King ksi that he portrays on the internet I think he realized that it’s this was a real fight and like he says he wants to go pro right but you have this like dude who like barely learn how to box who just whooped your ass and is now taunting you in front of millions of people I know that got in his head I was a few good punches that so yeah he got he told me he got me there pretty good so I was there like come on let’s go after I hit him like with five five hard punches in a row man I was trying to be a showman like you can see I’m standing there with my arms out and in reality I just have attacked him but yeah first boxing match got a lot to learn still your boy always first up first up on the ring like my stamina and condition is always on point so I always made sure that Fitness is number one because that essentially is what wins you fights that is so true and don’t get me wrong we condition our asses off like I’ve never been in that good of shape in my life like we would run for so long so many times during the day and I just wouldn’t get tired but something about this boxing match you know being in front of the people being at my first fight for the first time it’s different dude like it just drains you and he knows that and I think next time for sure definitely gonna up the fitness physique stamina game give him that job in the cross and then uh I’ve gotta admit man this boy loves to clinch oh my gosh you’ll see I get so frustrated with it and the referee tells me off for because I’m flooring him across he did not like the clinch the clinch is like when we would get close and I would kind of grab him or hold him or like he’d do the same to me yeah I know he did not like that I fuckin hate is pissing me off a lot more friends to try and get him to jab just so I could slip under and you know create some create some openings so I was really wild with our right hand but I realized that the overhand is working because he’s probably used to very traditional way of flying so if I made it scrappy I knew you wasn’t gonna be able to deal with it that is very true that is very true this dude came in here fighting like a dog like he uses terms like overhand right or like hook but he’s not throwing like these punches they just they’re crazy coming from Timbuktu and he got away with it in this fight you want to go pro man you’re gonna get your ass kicked it thrown like that so okay so now you’re probably wondering yeah why did I yeah him off to the ball Wow ladies and gentlemen it’s because this model hit me twice after the bell but you don’t see it what what do you mean bro first off that is false second off you don’t see it dude there’s a ref in the ring millions of people watching it’s on video what are you what are you talking about the bells wrong he’s hitting me once and then he’s hit me again with his fright and I’m there like nah dude dude dude this is boxing if the bell rings and my arms in motion and it happens to hit like tap you not even I don’t want to say hate you that’s just a sport that’s how any sport when the bell rings the action then stops well you don’t got to be like a sport about it and blatantly hit me after the bell by giving him hard line it’s a little job it’s a little job like it doesn’t matter dude if you like stab someone with a pocketknife versus like a large-scale knife you still stab someone okay horrible analogy but you see what I’m saying right ah wait what guillotine ha ha let’s go oh gee stopped himself bralla curity didn’t even hold it well again you see go talk to Merrigan sand and that’s when he clinches so whenever oh this mother okay listen true totally true but I will say a clinch is a very it’s a pretty mutual maneuver like when I clinched I go over he goes under we’re kind of like hugging I’m not holding you there that I would be wasting my energy I’m kind of just like leaning out a little bit that’s part of the sport I don’t hear any other boxers complaining about it if you didn’t like it you could have pushed out and tried to hit me with you did sometimes but yeah it’s definitely the wrestler in me kicking in another right so there so I threw him bad because this model was constantly clinched me I’ll stare like fun stop punching me yo yo you’re a king scumbag of a fighter like you fight dirty bro and I’m trying to like box this is one of the big problems I had with the fight he’s fighting dirty and he’s doing things that aren’t legal in boxing and for some reason this is not being accounted for in the score I think why I won and why I would have given me the W is because he’s fighting dirty and no points were lost for that apparently I knew Logan was very tired you know he’s got such a large frame so much muscle that I knew all the lactic acid etc was getting to him suddenly ksi is a biologist I knew the lactic acid combined with his white blood cells would create a foam and a window of fatigue like the only way to win this was to be scrapping wild I needed to just get up in his I respect that I mean it’s true it doesn’t really like I can see here like mock his fighting style and say he doesn’t look like a boxer he’s just like going out swinging his arm but at the end of the day like it’s part so no no room to talk really for me cuz it was working and he got up in my I needed to just get up in his just because he hates that he hates it when people are close to him Chloe he clinched to save his life he knew as yo to be honest with you quite simply if you don’t like the clinch pick a different sport pick a sport where you can do something if your clinch to make some martial arts for example by me in the Octagon actually fight me I would love that a boxing stand crazy hard but it’s half a fight I use half my body there’s no submissions there’s no grappling there’s no throws ro if you don’t like it pick a different sport like stop whining and do something about it alright we go again look again just he would do this often he would like duck under like this and slip his head in my cubby hole and then whine about being in my cubby hole I don’t know what he was doing here what was he there now that’s some illegal move that I should have I talked about this in my video my analysis I’m a good sport man I literally probably could have broke his ribs right there I should have done it I should I really should keep because he was just laid back right here and there was just full torso exposed ribs my hand was up oh nice guys finish last ladies and gentlemen or tied you ain’t shit oh another right there another right I came again Oh another right he’s getting so excited oh there another right did you see it right there another right there again another hold on a second did you guys see that there was another right another one if I did more left hooks I in the van 15 inch dick I’d be a porn star to a pathetic old man I mean hopefully we can all agree that round 1 and 2 Logan has won I’m three and four I have one like let’s accept that as a fact I can get behind that I could see I could see that okay Logan was definitely told here he’s come back you’re gonna need a prayer pressure on so that’s why Logan came in straight off a good quick Oh God I can’t wait til I get actually good at this sport overseeing round five though he did miss a law for argument’s sake I’m gonna say this was Logan’s well I appreciate that that was my round right so right now Logan is winning round 1 round 2 round 5 and I’m winning round 3 around 4 okay I can get behind that I him with a job and another right there and another right there another one boom I’m throw in there so referee says break what I threw him off me because he’s clinching me fam no go let’s get the Octagon baby if you want to throw me and you want to do these like you want to fight I can do that I can get behind that yo oh how crazy would it be if the rematch was in the Octagon and we did MMA I bet you won’t do it JJ oh my god it would be fun I don’t want to fight me you want to box me you want to box me this guy is tired let me finish him off look at this boys sitting down look at it look at it sitting down who said something the folks in much drooling around I do bitch let’s get one thing straight if I feel like sitting down I’m gonna sit down another right did you guys see it it happened in the boxing match bonus all right there this mother I know I don’t remember doing that he has nothing he’s just holding me for dear life that is that is so true I was like I’m going down you’re coming down with me I’m father by myself this is definitely the round where I first sure lost brain cells you watching it back dude I were just getting rocked but I told you guys I have this issue I don’t mind getting hit it doesn’t bother me at all so I can get hit it was bullshit that money’s gonna draw out I’m the contrary the match was a tie but your dogs fighting style and cheap fouls and were unaccounted for you’re lucky you’re lucky they were they were not kind of hearing the score so low did you load them you all finished the next I might get you your business it’s so funny hearing him say that I know you know that’s not true bro I know you know I’m gonna be standing over top of you you’re literally gonna be looking at my nuts I might teabag you I honestly – oh that muscle bleeding from the nose and everything he’s finished it’s like nine days later and you’re literally still bleeding from your eyes like your eye is bleeding dawg look at your wrist if he was meant to be the Challenger to take away my belt that definitely wasn’t a champion showing dawg I’ve said this a thousand times I’m not a boxer I was in a boxer I was pretending I like force myself to learn boxing in four months this dude has had over a year of experience and he looks like Shh I promise I think I’m gonna knock him out in the first round and the rematch I don’t see I’m literally gonna be so good by then Wow okay all right all right guys so that’s the video yeah like I said I’m gonna do my analysis soon hit the subscribe button if you’re not subscribed trust me it’s just way better being subscribed to this channel and if you haven’t yet guys top your memories local ball that concise shop or link in description you know how we do it we do a different baby example if I feel like sitting down in a in the middle of a boxing match on the ropes do it I’m pumped also I’m gonna I’ll say this now one other Jeju he made a comment that he wants the rematch to happen in May of next year into that I say no no that’s bro that’s so far from now who knows I’m gonna be doing in May I could be shooting a movie making music who knows I want to rematch to happen in December of this year stop running trust me it’s better for you brother less training that I get under my belt the better it is for you let’s just get it done bro we got the momentum I know the Logan wants it this year guys that’s it I freaking love you guys and I’ll see you that’s good [Music]


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