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Woman Marries Dog In Traditional Ceremony In India

COMM: 18-year-old Mangli Munda has just got married. But she’s already worried her husband
might stray, and with good reason. He’s a dog. 00:16
COMM: Mangli’s parents ordered the rushed wedding on the advice of holy men, who said
their daughter
was cursed. 00:53
COMM: The teenager was apprehensive at first, but eventually decided to follow her parents
wishes by marrying a local stray named Sheru. 01:15
COMM: No expense was spared on the big day, and Sheru even arrived in his own chauffeur
driven car. 01:36
COMM: The whole village then watched as a traditional Hindu ceremony was performed before
toasting their happiness with cups on homemade liquor. 02:06
COMM: With the wedding held a success, guests left optimistic that the curse had finally
been lifted. And with the wedding not legally binding Mangls is now free to find
Mr. Right. 02:28
COMM: As for Sheru, he’ll still play a big part in Mangli’s future, as her new family


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