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Yale Day of Service 2019 – Boston

[soft music] Lou Brenner>>This is the seventh year that we have hosted the pots and plants event
here in Newton, Massachusetts. We bring the children in
to creatively paint pots. We fill them with soil and plants and then we bring them
to local nursing homes. Today I’m painting some
pots for a nursing home. I did pink and then purple. I’m super-excited to be here right now. It feels really awesome to be part of it especially because when
we first started doing it, I was pretty young, maybe I was ten, and now I’m seventeen. Davida Pines>>It’s kind of amazing to think that what seems very small
and just in our neighborhood, so many other groups are doing the same thing in their community. Thinking that we’re all doing them at the same time is
kind of remarkably powerful. I am from Bulgaria
myself and I just talked to a friend of mine
who is in the Yale Club in Sofia and she just said that they went to a soup kitchen on
the Yale Day of Service and I said, “Wow, how amazing is that,” because we are all gathered here in the great Boston area. Joanne Nicklas>>My husband is Yale class of ’89 and we’re helping clean out invasive species at Olmsted Park. It’s protecting species that you want and helping a beautiful place grow. It’s a good feeling,
everyone should come out and give it a try. Qiangfa (Ken) Li>>I have been serving for the
Yale Day of Service more than ten years,
possibly over twenty years. I feel quite happy to work
with a group of my Yale people. Yes, we’re just having fun. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. If everyone were able to do their little share in their city, the world could be such a prettier place but also a healthier
world, a healthier environment. Ellen Arnstein>>We’re increasing species’ biodiversity and having a healthier forest which can mitigate climate change. So our small actions here today will have a larger effect worldwide. We’re just a little piece of the puzzle of the global greening initiatives. Kimberly Rios>>Sociedad Latina supports
first generation students. We try to make sure all students here feel like they’re welcome
and like they have a place. Bebo Benoit>>Today, we got people from Yale, they came to help us with our resume and networking and they talked about their experience, and they talked about what path they took. The opportunity to connect our youth with professionals who care about them and are invested in their
success is really inspiring. Yeah, well like “meticulous”
is a word in English but in Spanish, (speaking Spanish). You already know a lot of fancy words. Yeah (laughs). Denise Alfonso>>Working with the students today, you don’t know what’s interesting to them and something you didn’t
know could be helpful or appreciated, it
actually can go pretty far. Yuri Cataldo>> It’s not only that we’re
working in one location but we’re working as a large
community worldwide to do good. Hiral Doshi>>Every big impact definitely begins small and every wave begins with a small ripple. And I think that’s what
we’re doing here today, is beginning with that ripple. – It feels great to be part
of this Yale Day of Service. I feel like it’s a universal
wave going across the world. – I’m Maria Ivanova and
today I’m serving in Boston. – This is Drumlin Farms
in Lincoln, Massachusetts. – This is Washington, D.C. – This is Bainbridge Island, Washington. – San Diego! – Dallas! – We are Portland. -This is London. – We are Shanghai. – Think globally, act locally! [cheers!] (soft piano music)

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