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Yogi Babu proves himself | Varun | Rajendran | Latest Tamil Movie | Puppy Movie Emotional Scene

Hey, will you join us to play? It’s become routine for you. Really, I’m asking you. Will you come to play? Will you come to play? I was waiting for this
for one and half a year. Will I deny?
Let’s play. Before that,
you’ve a small work. If you do, I’ll take you. What? Nothing, I got sprain
at the back, when playing. Do you want me to spray
the medication? I’ll do that, myself. I can’t tie the shoe lace.
Tie it, please. Go away.
Look for some others. I thought of taking you. Okay, leave it. Your wish. Will you take me? Tie it, I’ll take. Brother, did you see that? Senior, why are you alone? I feel agony, senior. Shall we go to the beach? I’m not coming. Come for my sake. I said, I’m not coming. Senior! Senior! Hey, why are you crying? I’m not crying. Dust fell in the eyes. That’s why, eyes are watery Hey, tell me. I’m not crying. Are you going to
tell me or not? For two months, they told me
to pick the ball. Then, to fill the air in
the ball and today… …told to tie the shoe lace. I tied. But, not allowing me to play. If known, I’d have played with my
guys in the Corporation ground. No, Prabhu. I’ll not come here, henceforth. Hey! Senior! – Senior!
– What? Look senior, this ball has
no mind to leave you. But, you want to leave it. Ball boy, throw the ball. What’s your problem, now? You want to go inside
and play, right? Go to play, senior. If I go in, it’ll be a problem. It won’t be a problem. Go to play, senior. Prabhu, no need.
listen me. Will you listen me or not? Go…Go inside. Go and hit a goal, senior. Why are you posing at? Give the ball and go out. “Who is he?” “What’s his name?”
“What’s his town?” “He is rocking alone”
“Who is he?” “His walks are trembling” “He banged the mouth
which teased him” “The lover boy who seduced
Kolamavu Kokila” “He is going to step in…” “Look at the dude,
who caught the ball” “Show the ball caught by
the goal keeper” Go away. – Hey!
– What? Brother told you to come
to the go down. If you’re asked to come,
you go. Why are you asking us? He asked you to come. Which go down? To his personal go down. Personal go down? What? Those who are in the right
are our guys. Got the money. What’s your problem? He hit me, unnecessarily. You pushed him, isn’t it?
Tell that. I know what to say
and what not to say. Shut your trap. Either you shut your trap
or dance *. You’re a dog, eating anything.
– Who? Myself? If not you, is he then?
– It’s you. (Indistinct chatters) – Look my arms
– See his arms I will thrash you. How dare you enter
in ground and play? (Babble of voices) Oh God!
No one listen here – Show your thighs
– See it. Did you see?
Look at that. (Indistinct voices) Stop! – What’s this?
– Sweet. Idiot. Greetings, sir. What’s the problem? Brother, they’ve a play ground. Not allowing him to play. For past one and half years,
using him to pick the ball and deflate it. Just ask the reason,
we’ll leave now. Don’t brawl like children. Tell me, what’s the problem? I’ll send them. He is from the housing board. That means? He can’t play to our level. If comes in, he’ll make
the game dirty. Will he make dirty? Only if he is given a chance,
we’ll know whether he plays well or not? You took money from us
and supporting them. Hey! Come. If you utter a word,
I’ll not answer. Only baby will answer you. You want to see baby? Did you see the baby? Go. Ok boys We will meet in ground on tomorrow. – I’ll rock.
– Dude, are you enraged? Be quiet. I’m irritated. You can say thousands
of reasons not to allow him to play. But, you say the reason,
he is from the housing board. Is it fair? Oh, no! Go to hell. Stop. Penalty… “He will go to kicky
and lucky shot” “Opponent will go away” “Yogi will kick on gun shot” Goal! “All are wash out and ball inside” “Oppponent gets shocked
and get the ball” “Who is shot?
His name is Yogi Babu” “He will get championship
and others stand along” Brother, did you watch the goal? Yes, I’ve. How was it? Tell me. It was excellent! Why do you hesitate
to appreciate? Lend him. Superb! I’m coming. Hey, why are you watching
as if in prison? The play ground is equal
to everyone. Come, let’s play.
Come on. Thanks “Naan Kadavul”

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