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Yorkie Poo Yorkipoo Dogs 101 Yorkie x Poodle Mix

A fun-loving “designer dog”, a Yorkipoo
is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Always ready to entertain, the Yorkipoo is
truly a canine clown. Also known as a Yorkie Doodle, 1 … 2…3… Yorkie Doodle went to town a riding on a …. Yup,
that’s in your head now. He is intelligent, affectionate, and gentle
and is perfectly suited to apartment life. He has plenty of energy to be burned off and
he loves to play when he’s not parked on your lap watching YouTube. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts, join us for ten
fantastic facts about the cuddly canine, the Yorkipoo. Let’s get started, but before we start,
take a moment to like and subscribe for more fun fauna facts. 10. Only existing for about a decade, the Yorkiepoo
is part of a growing trend of designer dogs. He was initially developed as a toy-sized
companion dog with a hypoallergenic coat and free of common health problems of the parent
breeds. Like all designer breeds, Yorkiepoos can inherit
the traits of either breed, and most Yorkiepoo litters are the result of first generation
Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle parents. Some breeders have focused on creating a dog
with more consistent traits by breeding Yorkiepoos together. 9. The Yorki Poo can have a long, straight, silky
coat like the Yorkshire Terrier, a fine frizzy, wooly coat like the Poodle, or anything in
between. Yorki Poos come in a wide variety of colors,
such as brown, silver, grey, and white. Many are two-toned in a pattern similar to
the Yorkshire Terrier, with a cream or chestnut body, legs, and mask, and grey or silver on
the collar, top of the head, and ears. 8. The Yorki Poo does not require a lot of exercise. Most of its exercise requirements can be met
through indoor activity, but Yorki Poos love going on walks with their owner and regular
play time outdoors, and have enough stamina to come alongside for a longer jog. The Yorki Poo is well suited to apartment
life. His ability to run fast and jump high can
be surprising to those not expecting a canine Superman. 7. A lot of Yorkie Poos are just three to fifteen
pounds in weight. They have a body size of a toy dog but they
cannot be considered as a toy breed, as they are twelve inches tall. 6. He is a non- to low-shedder and can make an
excellent companion for people with allergies. Get into the habit of brushing your Yorkie
Poo on a weekly basis. They will also need to be bathed and shampooed
when necessary. Their hair should be trimmed on a regular
basis, especially around the eyes and ears. 5. Barking is a favorite pastime. Occasionally a Yorkipoo can be trained to
bark less, but expect to hear the noise whenever someone comes to the door. He has no clue that his bark doesn’t terrify
anyone. However, Yorkiooos greet strangers as if they
were long lost friends. Generally, they will allow other people to
pet them and lavish them with attention but; he might draw the line at picking him up. 4. Most of these dogs love to travel. Some dogs would rather sit and home and wait
for their owners return. But not the Yorkie Poo, these dogs want to
be part of the action so you can bring them along when you travel. In fact, they get very lonely when left at
home so you have to keep that in mind if you are a busy person. 3. The Yorkipoo is a gentle and loving dog who
can do well with children. He’s not recommended for homes with very young
children, since he can be easily injured when improperly handled. A Yorkipoo can make an excellent companion
for an older, more considerate child. In general, he does well with other dogs and
pets. He may display prey drive due to his Yorkie
parent, however. That may lead him to chase smaller pets (not
that there are a lot of pets much smaller than he is) and cats, but usually it’s in
good fun. 2. An easily trainable dog, the Yorkipoo is eager
to please his owners. Yorkie-Poos can quickly learn basic commands
but can also learn typical parlor tricks such as crawl, play dead and dance. His enthusiasm and desire to entertain will
keep your family and friends entertained and laughing! This crossbreed has the potential to become
great obedience prospects as well as agility and therapy dogs. There is no doubt that the Yorkie-Poo can
be highly competitive in a variety of dog sports. 1. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize
Yorkie Poos as a breed, largely because their physical and temperamental characteristics
are less predictable than those of a true breed. To become a breed in their own right, at least
300 must exist in the United States, disbursed throughout at least 20 states. They must also have their own National Breed
Club and have predictable traits inherited through at least three generations of breeding
between Yorkie Poos. As of July 2011, they are recognized by the
American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer
Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry. Well, there ya have it; ten fascinating facts
about the charming canine companion, the Yorkipoo. Tell me that isn’t fun to say repeatedly. We love hering about your pets, so let us
know about your Yorkipoo in the comments below. Before ya go, take a moemt to like and subscribe
for more fun, fauna facts. We publish at least twice a week, so don’t
miss a single facts. And as always, catch ya next time. 1, 2,3 …. Yorkie Doodle went to town, a
riding on a pony….

  • My yourkie poo hurt his neck 2 times once a sprain and another he just had to get a shot cause he pulled a mucsle in his neck. So you do have to be careful with them even more when they get older. But my eleven year old furr buddy still acts like a pup( note that only live to 10-15 years )

  • My dog woody is 1 year old in september. He has beige/brown paws which go up to his belly oh his back he is silver grey and black .We called him woody because he is the colours of wood 💙💜💚he is SUPER friendly .and he is like a shadow to me always curios to see what your doing
    Next month he is going to his first vacation with us !

  • Yorkiepoos are great companions. My little one is so loyal, always following me, very friendly but has jealousy issues lol they are really great dogs and I would def. Reccomend them.

  • I have a 3 year old male and love him to death. I am looking at a litter and they lookand act like my little guy but they have totally short hair. Is that ok?

  • I love my Yorkie Poo! My dog has his cute, tail that we wags – and expresses his personality. I would never get one with a clipped tail.

  • I have a 6 month old maltipoo and looking to get a yorkipoo as a companion for her. Will the help each other with the separation anxiety while we are away from home?

  • Thanks for this video! Yorkie Poo's are so adorable! I might sound strange but I have two toy Poodles, both are Purebred & weigh Apx 9-10lbs. Lily is the younger at 5yrs & I swear if she didn't have purebred papers I wouldn't think she is a toy poodle. I'm highly allergic to well everything, except poodles. As to why they have to be purebred! I would have so many more fur babies if I wasn't allergic. I'm even allergic to mixed poodles. My sister is worse off & allergic to my toy Poodles! Lily looks nearly identical to the black puppy in this video! She's very smart, athletic, funny & LOVES everyone especially strangers lol. She's technically black but has auburn hair around her cute little face, & her eyes match. When I groom her up close I can see she has a lot of greyish & white throughout her "hair" Long straight hair on her ears & head, she gets some curl on her body after a bath but compared to my other Poodle, Ginger., they don't look like at all the same. Ginger is very very curly & I have to groom her different than Lily. I'm just glad I checked out this video! I'm looking forward to getting allergy treatment so I can help take care of all the fur-babies I possibly can & a Yorkie poo would be such a fun addition! 💜💜💜

  • When our yorkipoos were born about 4 years ago, we had no idea it was a thing, actually it was an accident when my sister's white poodle got on heat and my aunt's Yorkshire sneaked his way in where she was lol. We were worried about the end result and kinda weirded out when most of them were born black but turned out to be beautiful dogs!

  • I love my baby her name is Heidi she goes everywhere with me on the footrest of my chair (no leash required she just loves being with her mommy) I use to get around. She's super protective and loyal, she makes me laugh all throughout the day ❤

  • I got my Yorkie poo Buddy for my sixth birthday he is now 8 and very very loud. Every time I try to pick him up he growls. Even though he acts like this I still love him to death.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love Little Dogs? Check out this playlist:

  • Snickers is going to take over the world! He’s evil cute and If your a woman will melt your heart. He’s spoiled rotten and cuter then any of yalls dogs… Na na bobo stick your head in dodo! Lol

  • um my yorkie-poo goes crazy in the car it sounds like hes about to die i mean jesus lol it sounds like he cant breath

  • I inherited a two yr old yorkiepoo female who just loves to cuddle. However her pad training didn't take and she urinates all over the house. Have had her 4 yrs and still can't get get her trained. Suggestions? I love her dearly but carpet is ruined.

  • I have 2 Yorkie-Poo’s there black and white and a tiny bit of brown. There the best dogs iv had. May was the runt of the litter she acts more like a poodle. And Maddie was the 3rd dog born and she is more like a Yorkie.

  • I have a black YorkiePoo name Vito who is 10 Months… He’s seriously adorable, looks like a little black teddy bear. Luckily he doesn’t bark at all.. only if someone rings the doorbell or if we’re playing around and he gets hype. He loves to cuddle, lay on top of me and he even tries to wake me up by staring at me in the morning. He was easy to potty train… when he needs to use the bathroom he sits in front of the bedroom door if I’m upstairs or one of the downstairs doors. I have no regrets in getting him. He’s loyal to a T and even tries to protect me from strangers!! Also His personality is hilarious. His hair is wavy curly like big curls. He never smells either. Get you a YorkiePoo you won’t be disappointed!

  • I have a Yorkiepoo named cooper and he is 11 years old I am worried for him they are cute dogs but my dog is untrainable and stubborn as stubborn can be but he is heathy so I know he will live for a while

  • My Yorki poo starts getting really excited when I say, “do you want to go for a walk?” It’s so funny 🤣😂

  • My little 5 month yorkie poo lily is just the prettiest little girl. She’s mostly black with gold copper-ish paws and ugh I just love her so much.

  • Do they bark a lot. I have one dog who I call puppy, she does not bark unless the door bell rings. I want to get her a sister.

  • I have a 5 yr old black w/ white tuxedo chest yorkie poo! Her name is Pepper. She is the first pet I've ever owned, and boy am I lucky to have her. If you want to own a yorkie poo, be prepared for their constant love and goofy personality. She is my shadow, my best friend, and a halfway decent therapist lol. Your yorkie poo will need you just as much as you need it.

  • Mine let's me know when he wants food or to play he will sit their and bark over and over until he gets what he wants and understand alot of words

  • My yorkie poo can’t learn roll over!!!But..I still love him..also I wish my yorkie poo would be like dat doge..if he steps outside..He runs… 😢😥

  • My yoorkipoo Lucy is the smartest trick dog I ever had! She needs to learn things to use up her energy. She is also like a snuggly bunny.

  • Our yorkipoo hasn’t learned to let us know when he wants to poop. He poops everywhere. We’re trying to train him to poop and pee on a pad, he pees there but not poop.

  • The wife got a Yorkiepoo last year and barks at any animal on TV, cats, dogs, cartoon rats even fish and dolphins aren't safe from this little monster

    And put her in the same room as our shepherd she turns into a Bully

  • I have a Yorkiepoo!!! She is the sweetest thing! I’ve had her since 4th grade. I’m in my first year of college she my everything

  • Owned a maltese mix havanese, standard poodle, pit bull, havanese and nun of em worked out; yes they were great dogs but just didn’t fit my life style and some about me in a way…but! I think I just found the breed that will match me and my life style!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! 💃🏾 been doing deep research on all A-Z breeds and now look at I’m happy!! Time to save and get one ❤️🥰☺️😁


  • I'm getting won on my 10th birthday I'm 8 rn so about 1yr and 3 month's even though we already have a dog I want my own puppy and my mom has allergy

  • all of these apply to my yorkiepoo except for the second one. it took my dog so long to teach him how to sit and down. we finally taught him how to roll over but he does not know come or stop yet.

  • I have a yorkiepoo, his name is Mo and hes 1. And hes so cute, hes brown with diffrent shades of brown too xD we got a yorkiepoo because my mom is allergic to long hair on pets so we couldnt get a dog that sheds. We almost got a greyhound or a king charles spaniel, but Mo is too cute lol

  • I currently have a yorkie and a yorkie poo. The yorkie poo is mine and she is so small. She will only get to be 5 or 6 lbs. The yorkie is my daughter's dog and he is 10 lbs. We love them soooo much!❤🐶🐶❤

  • I helped deliver my Yorkie/Poo, she was a breeched puppy and at 1:30 in the morning, there was but one thing to do; get personal with the mother. A successful birth was accomplished. Since that time 10 years ago, it has been nothing but a joy to have IZZIE in my life. Smart, energetic, loyal (extremely loyal) and did I say smart. She listens and took easily to training, for a 72 year old man like myself, she is my companion.

  • I have a 6 year old pug male named Otis. In 8 days I’ll be getting my new yorkipoo puppy. Currently I am in between names but would love if somebody could give suggestions please.

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